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If you need emergency support, please call 911. If you need crisis support try 211 in your area for referrals and information, or see this list of crisis resources and support lines.

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What was on the Thumb Drive at the Healing Together conference (2019)?

Here are resources and launch pages we have gathered for y'all!!


We are strong advocates for selves-help. We believe that we all have the power to untangle our knots and to decide which knots need untangling next, how to pace our recovery, and when to turn to inner wisdom versus external tools in the quest to get to where we want to go.

That doesn't mean we do everything alone, or don't need to turn to people who have specialized knowledge about techniques or tools. What it does mean is that we're in charge of when and if we do that, and what will be covered in our consultations with these specialists.

Our website has a lot of information on self- or selves-help. We've started to tag articles that have actionable information that you can use to help with your system functioning as a plural or multiple.

Here's a taste of some of the links you'll find over there:


Coaching is another tool that someone doing selves-help can employ to help customize ideas to their specific situation, to work within a more forward-facing self-empowerment model especially when the professional climate in their area is adverse to allowing clients to be empowered consumers of information and services. When pros don't give you a choice, then it's powerful to hire a professional who by the very nature of their industry insists on you having a choice.

If you're interested in what coaching is and how it works for multiples/plurals, please read our article about the differences between Coaching vs. Therapy (Coaching vs. Therapy: Two Different Approaches to Moving Forward).

If you think coaching may be for you, use one of the "Schedule Appointment" links on the site to request a 30-minute sample coaching session. Please have an idea of an issue or two that you'd like to address during our meeting.

Many Minds on the Issue podcast: Episodes 009-014 System Trust Issues

These 6 episodes both stand alone and are meant to be listened to as a series to give a plural system in chaos more information on how they can improve internal relationship by having more compassion for one another, ceasing problematic behaviors, improving boundaries and working on behaviors that can heal and build trust.

Other Conferences: The Plural Positivity World Conference

The 2019 conference sessions can be viewed on YouTube here. Make sure to subscribe & click the bell icon for notifications!

The free 2020 Plural Positivity World Conference is coming May 15-17, 2020. This is an online conference and more information is available at All sessions will be available online after the conference, similar to the 2019 conference, but you can participate in the live chats and tweets for the conference, so make sure to save the dates!!

The call for presenters for 2021 will likely open in June.