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One thing our multiple clients appreciate is not having to pretend that they're one person when in sessions with us. It's a truly safe space to be themselves.

I help multiples like you get along better inside, which allows you to develop an amazing crew and fulfills your need to foster a supportive internal community. Because you're all in this together.

Being a multiple is an amazing intergalactic adventure — and the treasure you're seeking is you.

Specialized Coaching for Multiples

A system without a plan can be chaotic. You may be having trouble with your headmates, be tired of name calling or internal fighting, the internal chaos may exacerbate insomnia, interfere with your ability to work, not be able to make decisions, have trouble switching, and the stress doesn't help with your other memory issues.

Coaching can help you with non-clinical issues of internal relationships and to lower stress, set goals, work on internal meetings, negotiating internal relationships and calming your system down. Working on forward-facing issues with an additional professional on your team can free up time in therapy for the hard work of taming your trauma. If you're not ready for therapy, working on internal relationships can help you discuss and decide whether or when you and your teammates are ready for therapy.

However, coaching is not therapy. You can check out this article for the differences.

You set the goals of your coaching relationship. Here are some common goals for multiples:

  • Reframing disabilities into differences - a change of paradigm, language, and self-image
  • Improving your relationship with yourself and your headmates
  • Stress management — how to recognize stress and anxiety and transform it into mindfulness, grounding, and passion
  • Building dreams, plans, goals, and passions in your shared life
  • Working on a plan to find more joy in your daily work and routines
  • Developing the energy to take charge of your life
  • Authentic living — living up to who you want to become, individually and as a group
  • Learning to contact your higher wisdom to create your dream life
  • And much more...

It all starts with an honest communication about where you're at and what you would like to achieve. It's ok if you don't know: the ability to make your own decisions and weigh options is a coachable ability.

Intake Meeting (free)

We don't know each other, so how do we get to know each other better? We need to have a conversation. I want to know what your future looks like, and where you are now, so we can plan your success together.

Please schedule a 30-minute session with me by either calling for an appointment at 845-820-0262 (and leave a message if you don't get me) or using the email form on the Contact Criss page (or below on this page).

During our actual appointment, we'll spend about 30 minutes total discussing your needs and how we can work together. If we decide we'd like to work together, we'll discuss how often we should meet, and what the fee will be.

If you're not ready to have a conversation with me yet, you might be interested in reading an article. To learn more about our work on topics about multiplicity, DID/MPD or OSDD/DDNOS, please see, our vast resource for multiples.

Individual Coaching Sessions

What We do in a Session

Session topics are typically client-led. If you don't have a good handle on your particular needs or topics to address at the moment, we can have a conversation about where you are now and where you'd like to end up.

I can assist you through a 1:1 version of the United Front boot camp, building internal community, working on group values, internal agreements, working out internal disputes, as well as normal life coaching activities with modifications to suit a group entity, such as working on your group's external life habits, dreams, goals desires, etc. as a group entity.

Commitments and Compensation

The first session is a 30 minute free session so you can understand the value of coaching, discuss your budget, get a feel for your needs, and determine how often you would like coaching. My intention is always to deliver amazing value for your free session, just like I always want to deliver amazing value for paid sessions. So it's worth trying it out — it's 30 minutes that could change your life! If you don't want me to discuss budget and money with you — tell me at the beginning of our session together. It will be up to you to contact me if you wish to work together again.

There's no obligation to work together. If we're not a good fit for each other, I can refer you to someone who may be a better fit for you.

If we choose to work together, our agreed-on payment is due before the next session begins. Discounted pre-paid package rates are available.

I operate on a sliding scale; please know what your budget is and be prepared to pay a fair rate for 2-5 sessions a month. I only want relationships that are mutually beneficial and fair to all participants.

Coaching appointments are 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your needs, and meeting frequency is flexible as well. The minimum coaching I usually suggest is 30 minutes every 2 weeks. The other reason to have an initial 30 minute session is to get a real feel for how long 30 minutes is and what can be accomplished in that time.

If you are on disability or out of work, 30 minute sessions keep the fees more reasonable, and barter or other arrangements may also be possible. I do have tasks that can be done remotely that I can use assistance on, for example. We can discuss your budget and your availability for other arrangements during our call.

In-Person or Office Hours

Working remotely allows us to offer sliding scale pricing so we can work with lower income persons or persons on disability. If you require in-person sessions at your location, we will need to be compensated for travel. We may be able to arrange local temporary office space at an hourly rate, so all fees, cancellation fees, and refunds will first reimburse or compensate for the office rental rate for the session.

Other Special Needs - Alternative communication modes

I usually work by phone, Signal, Mumble (I have my own server), or Skype. For hearing impaired clients, and others with special needs, I can work by text messages on SMS, Signal, Mumble, Skype, etc. I do apologize because my ASL (American Sign Language) is not up to par for full ASL video sessions, and my system has a camera trigger (work in progress!). We can make special arrangements to type and be on video (FaceTime, etc.) for Deaf or hearing impaired clients or headmates if that is helpful.

If you require asynchronous coaching, SMS, Signal, or email is available. Usually coaching is real-time, and hands-on, however. So this would be best if someone has issues precluding use of real-time communications.

If you require support between sessions beyond occasional emails, please ask about between-session support. Coaching is never an emergency or urgent. We do not provide emergency services. This would be crossing the line between therapy and coaching.

Please take advantage of the email form at the bottom of the page to ask questions.

If you require scholarships, barter, accessibility or other special arrangements, please contact me for your intake and we will discuss your needs.

Contact Rev. Criss

Potential clients can contact me with the form below, by phone, or text to schedule a 30-minute fully confidential sample session. During this appointment we determine what you are looking for, I show you how I work, and we determine whether we would like to pursue a coach-client relationship together.

Please feel free to call and leave a message. If you do not reach me, please keep in mind that I work with clients by phone and please leave a message so I can get back to you.
845-820-0262 (Eastern Time/NY Time)

PO Box 225
New Hampton, NY 10958

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