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The United Front series

The latest books available in the United Front series are the Ship's Log Dated & Undated Planners. For more information on what's in it and where you can get it please see this page at

Buy the in-progress United Front series through Leanpub as ebooks!

The United Front series (2013-current) - Positive, proactive and collaborative self-help for people with multiple personalities. This series is based on the United Front Boot Camp (see "United Front Boot Camp") and the System Trust Issues episodes of the Many Minds on the Issue podcast, as well as myriad years of helping plurals, multiples and traumatized DID systems work together. We present methods of increasing communication and collaboration amongst your inner people, building leadership skills, and ways to navigate external situations and life as a functional multiple system. Click to learn more about the bundle on Leanpub.

Right now this is the only book bundle in the store and contains United Front "trilogy" of books: Recruits: Building Internal Community, Rebels: Reforming the Good Guys, Adventurers: Enjoying External Life.

If you pay for the current bundle, you'll get to read the books as they're written and get the whole book bundle as they become are completed AND you can participate in each book's private online forums on Leanpub to help give feedback while they're being written. See The United Front bundle for more info!

If you purchased our former The Crissing Link: United Front or the bundle that contained United Front while it was part of The Crissing Link series — please contact us for a coupon for the new series bundle and thank you for your support!

The Passionizing™ Planner - Version 0.02
Version 0.02

Passionizing™ Planner

Practicing the art of following your heart

by Rev. Criss Ittermann

Hardcover, Softcover & customizations available. read more…

Are you looking for a different way to plot out your dreams and goals? Have you tried self-coaching and life planning tools that fell short?

SURRENDER™ to Passion
Worried to wonderful in 28 days

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The Crissing Link Series - for people with Multiple Personalities

The Crissing Link: Poetic License - List Price $24.00

184pp. Purchase through: Rev. Criss - CreateSpace - Amazon

Full book description, excerpts, etc.

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