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Posted on July 18, 2024.

Passionizing™ Blog

SuperBetter Ideas

July 18, 2024

We had created our own challenges and features within SuperBetter before the app was changed more recently -- so this article is now irrelevant. (read more...)

The First Law of Multiple Systems

March 08, 2018

We've identified 5 basic laws or principles that work across all multiple/plural systems. In this article we dive into the first. (read more...)

Serenity Two Ways

March 01, 2018

We compare our modernized translation of "Serenity" from James Allen's As a Man Thinketh with the original. (read more...)

The Hidden Benefit Of Planning: Becoming Immortal

December 30, 2015

Why plan? And why use a planner? I think it's actually one of the hidden keys to immortality. Well, a type of immortality anyway. Curious? Read on... (read more...)

Get Pumped - a letter to myself

December 30, 2015

The first thing the Passionizing™ Planner asks you to do is Get Pumped and write yourself a letter to help inspire you. I'm talking about that feature of the planner and sharing my own letter to myself so you can get psyched to plan out your year's journey. (read more...)

Yearly Planner

December 29, 2015

As a new year rolls in, you too will need a way to organize your thoughts, plot out your goals, assess your life, and stay on track. Enter the Passionizing™ Planner. (read more...)

Getting the Right Things Done

April 08, 2014

Or "How to put the passion and fire back into your To Do list so that it becomes an 'I Can't Wait To Do' list instead." (read more...)

Giving to Love versus Giving to Get

March 25, 2014

Why do we give? There are 3 types of giving, and only one comes truly from the heart and increases our happiness and lowers our anxiety. Pay it forward by learning how to truly give unconditionally. (read more...)

Playing to Heal(th)

February 03, 2014

Have you heard anyone say "Games are a waste of time?" Capture the power, puzzling, and passion of playing games and apply them to your life by becoming a superhero with me. (read more...)

Programming Intentions 101

January 31, 2014

We all do this: we have a broad idea of something we want to do, and we set a vague intention to do something about it. However, when we're living life on autopilot, the times for these vague intentions come and go without us even taking notice. With the power of Intention and a specific method for programming intentions, you can make changes today. (read more...)