Yearly Planner

Posted on December 29, 2015.

Yearly Planner

My newest brainchild was delivered today! I am so super-excited. I have a theme for 2016 of "Create" and as part of that I've been thinking about "repurposing" a lot.

I had all kinds of coaching tools, some from other people, some of my own. I had created the 360-degree Life Assessment™ in 2009 or so, based off the popular idea of using a life wheel assessment in coaching. And I thought the wheels that had 8 areas in them were painting the complexities of life with too wide a brush. I rearranged the idea, reworked it, and came up with 8 major areas and 36 areas in total to rate on a 1-10 scale. 36 x 10 = 360, a circle has 360-degrees. How geekily convenient.

I pulled it out to start my work towards 2016. And then I hit another wall of frustration. I wanted to refer back to old ones I'd done, but I'm not even sure where I put them. Not even motivated to look. That's when the idea of the Passionizing™ Planner was born. Otherwise I'd have done this months ago.

I had created a planner/scheduler way back in 1999 or so. It was wrapped tightly around the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Roles, goals, etc. That's not incorporated into this planner -- yet. I'll be making a new version, and tweaking and upgrading it.

I also decided not to put dates into the planner -- so you could start at any time. Celebrate the Chinese New Year -- terrific, start your planner on February 8th, 2016. How about Ramadan? Start June 7th, 2016. Since I'm pagan, I'm painfully aware that the Julian calendar has taken over much of the materials available to us. I'm behind the 8-ball, my New Year was the evening of October 31st/November 1st.

Passionizing™ should be universal. It's agnostic and revolves around celebrations of the spirit, not of where one lives or the time on the clock. Every religion encourages the spiritual practice of Passionizing™ in some way.

There's so much thought that went on in the background of creating this planner. Read more about what it contains.

Goals for future versions:

  • considering whether to do role/mission/vision/goal work in the book...
  • affirmations & quotes
  • page numbers - optional on the planner pages, I wanted to reserve space for writing in the margins and for the temperature gauges. But might be helpful to have for the rest.
  • same with a table of contents. I wanted the book to be useful pages, but in retrospect people might want to find instructions easier.
  • & more when I get your feedback.

The Planner is available in the Books tab of the website, and Coaches are welcome to get a preview PDF copy they can print out or look over to see whether it would be of use to them and their clients.

I'm so excited, I just want to keep playing with it. :)

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