United Front Certification for Professionals

How to work more effectively on improving internal community with DID/OSDD/P-DID/Plural/Multiple clients

If you're a licensed or certified professional and looking for a training in how to work with United Front materials with your clients, please send us an email below requesting to be added to our waiting list for this program. Enrollment is not yet open, but the course outline and fees are below.

This 13-week online course will help you work with plural systems, dissociative identity disorder (with or without known memory issues and amnesias), other specified dissociative disorder, partial dissociative identity disorder, and a variety of other types of multiple or plural clients. The course is much more about plural perspectives and the introduction of amassed plural-centric knowledge packaged for singular and plural professionals to be able to use as tools and an adjunct for therapy, to help you reframe your knowledge, build a new toolkit, understand the plural perspective and reduce singular-centrism in your practice that can risk trust and rapport when you work with plural & multiple clients.

Some of the materials will be based on treatment guidelines and clinical practice ideology and how it works within a plural framework. Competencies you will build include how to understand the plural experience and empathize/sympathize, frame descriptions for plural systems, and work better with plurals regardless of the tools or practices you would normally bring to the client relationship.

What is the United Front Certification for Professionals

It is very difficult for plural systems (DID, OSDD, other dissociative disorders, undiagnosed plurals, or people who happen to be plural with other mental health issues who want to seek therapy) to find fully vetted, trained, and plural-positive professionals.

We are providing a 13-week (or 13-lesson) college-level training program to help licensed professionals understand the inner workings and paradigms of DID, OSDD and plural systems. At the end of the program, professionals who pass the course will be added to our list of vetted licensed professionals, and given a certification and graphic badge to display on their website indicating that they have passed the course and are considered a plural-informed and plural-safe professional.

  • Expect a 3-4 credit college course worth of assignments (videos, audios, readings, etc.)
  • Complete each week's quizzes and writing assignment before getting the next week's lessons.
  • Take up to 1 year to complete the course. Pilot program applicants: you have 6 months to complete the course, then there will be a (low) re-enrollment fee to keep your student status active, and you may have to go through new or significantly revised materials from former lessons. You're getting a discount to help us work on the first roll-out of the course, and give timely feedback.
  • Pilot program applicants will have an additional course feedback survey every week/lesson.
  • Work on the materials at your own pace.
  • Ask questions and follow up as needed with the instructor.

At this time the course unfortunately does not carry any CE/CEU weight behind it, this is a situation we would like to correct eventually but we need to pay hefty annual fees to get the CEU designations for course material from a variety of providers. This is not viable until the program is launched and generates income. In the meantime, it is still a certification course and we will list program graduates and promote them to potential clients.

For more details please see the United Front: Pilot Certification Program FAQ.

Course application: First Step to Apply

This course is now open for enrollment. Please see the email form below to start the application process. We will send you the PayPal link for the application fee, a request for your CV/résumé, and the full application after you answer the preliminary questions. Please only send your application materials after you have paid the application fee.


For additional payment, discount, scholarship, or installment plan options please see United Front: Pilot Certification Program FAQ.

$250 non-refundable application fee. $150 for the pilot program.

$1,250 due upon acceptance, after intake interview. $625 during pilot program.

Pilot Program Course Outline

13 weeks/Lessons. This is the preliminary outline, and subject to changes, revisions, rearrangement or additions.

  • Submit Online Application & Pay Application Fee
  • Application is reviewed and appointment scheduled for intake interview
  • Intake call — 1 hour
  • Pay in full or installment payment #1
  1. Introduction: Insider secrets — Meeting people where they are. Singular-centrism issues (People v. Parts, "whole person", language, labels, acceptance, etc.). Problems with psychology.
  2. Encouraging Stabilization: Modifying the 3-stage model of treatment (stabilization, language, safety, trust) — crisis abatement, rapport, communication & trust, daily living while in therapy, finding healthy supports/relationships, psychoeducation, comorbidity, self-care,
    • Presence - affect tolerance, impulse control, grounding, containment, passion vs. panic energy, dealing with somatic memories
  3. Trusting the Trauma: Modifying the 3-stage model of treatment (trauma work, overwhelm, voyeurism, dangers, abandonment)
    • A Full Recovery: Modifying the 3-stage model of treatment (recovery model, resolution, choices, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, life-skills)
  4. Our World (subjective realities, Inner Worlds — persistent, permeable, mutable, powerful)
  • Installment payment #2
  1. Communication Breakdown (internal communication, community and relationships)
  2. Leaning In (The 5 Laws of Plurality, how plurals operate, how to work with rather than against plural systems)
  3. Becoming a true ally (applying the 5 Laws in the therapeutic relationship, presence, persistence, positivity)
  4. Headwork Workshop (practical application of internal headwork, homework and therapy goals)
  • Installment payment #3
  • Midterm exam delivered
  • Midterm exam submission due
  • Midterm exam evaluation and discussion scheduled to discuss evaluation
  • Midterm discussion 1 hour
  1. Alternative lenses: spirituality, shamanism, other views of trauma, respecting the subjective reality of your client
  2. Adding to the 3 steps
  • Final paper topics delivered
  1. A System for Systems (fostering internal community, systematic approaches & practical applications to building community)
  2. The Power of Empowerment (letting go, reparenting examples, language, redirection, avoiding transference)
  3. Putting it Together (applications of course material in real-life practice)
  • Final Paper due
  • Final paper graded, schedule out-take interview to go over paper and give outbound course survey
  • Out-take interview 1 hour
  • Certificate, with validation link, and Website Badge Awarded for Completed Coursework

Course application: First Step to Apply

Answer the questions in the email form below to start the application process.

  • What should we call you or y'all? (System name, or individual name, pronouns, are you singular or plural?)
  • How did you hear about the program?
  • What credentials, license, or certification do you hold?
  • Describe your current practice (you can include a link to your website, or bio on a university or group practice page, etc.)
  • What do you think this program is about?
  • Can you commit to being available to complete a full college course (3-4 credit equivalent) worth of study and materials?
  • Are you willing to be an active participant, do all the assignments and papers, give course feedback each week, and ask the instructor questions if you feel anything is confusing or missing during the course?
  • Will you fill out an evaluation after the course is over to let me know what worked for you?

We will send you the PayPal link for the application fee, a request for your CV/résumé, and the full application after you answer the preliminary questions. Please only send your application materials after you have paid the application fee.



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