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Individual DID or Plural System Coaching

Our main goal is to help people. That is what gets us out of bed every morning and excited to start each day. We're concentrating on the various ways that we can help multiples and plurals.

Sometimes plural and multiple systems need technical help. Sometimes they need personal help. We provide individualized coaching for systems to help them get more comfortable amongst themselves, free up time an energy from internal chaos, and work together as a team. We have ways of helping plurals from difficulties to internal communication, getting stuck system members unstuck, system agreements and exploring their system all the way through teamwork, internal community, working out factions and clashes of internals, and working to get communication with trauma holders.

Our specialty in individual coaching is working with systems that are struggling with the usual ways of working out their issues.

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Group Coaching Programs

We also offer workshops, teaching, and coaching programs for groups. Ask about coaching, partnerships, or special-topic sessions for your group practice, or an ongoing series for holistic practitioners and clinical practitioners.

Our group programs for plural and multiple systems tackle some of the typical struggle points for systems and help them get unstuck so they can get past the problems and move forward.

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Why work with us?

For more information on our background and why we're uniquely qualified to provide so many different services for plurals, multiples, DID systems and professionals, see our bio.