United Front: Beta Coaching Program

Internal Community Workgroups

This group is only for people who are multiples, plurals, diagnosed with DID/MPD or OSDD/DDNOS, and are willing to work on internal community in a group setting.

Are you having trouble with trust within your system? Are there people in your head that you do not get along with? Are you frustrated with sharing your life with others? Are you ready to get along better so you can work out how to share your life with less friction?

  • Build internal system trust
  • Learn to recognize unhealthy power dynamics at play
  • Facilitate dynamics that foster communication
  • Learn from external group dynamics, and healthy social dynamics and apply them to your internal system
  • Stop unintentional internal bullying, coercion, mis-application of force in your system

We use concepts from group facilitation, organizational theory, systems theory, life coaching, and good social common sense to look at how a system may improve their internal dynamics and learn to work together.

Sessions will begin by demonstrating and discussing foundational concepts such as “As inside, so outside (and vice versa)” and how these concepts apply specifically in system trust issues. Group members will be invited to briefly share issues and asked whether they'd like to discuss how the concepts may apply to their situation.

About your Coach Facilitator

Rev. Criss Ittermann (“The Crisses”) are a life coach and Interfaith minister who became aware of "other people in their head" at age 16. With 30+ years of experience as a group entity with high co-consciousness and dealing with external multiple systems, they have brought these concepts to others to help develop better internal relationships. They are the majority contributor to kinhost.org, host of Many Minds on the Issue podcast, and the developer of the United Front Boot Camp for building internal community.

Read more about Criss

Topics that we may cover:

  • As Inside, So Outside & Vice Versa: the principle that the boundary between the internal system and the external system is permeable and not as thick as we think. System dynamics.
  • Hierarchical Language: how the words you choose may create power struggles in your system
  • Name-calling & Internal Bullying: they can hear you talk about them
  • De-personalization: stripping internal folk of their person-hood
  • Force and coercion: locking people up, keeping them out of front
  • Facilitating Balance and Respect
  • Internal Trust Dynamics
  • Fostering Internal Communication

The applications and interviews will be used to determine what the group of participants needs so we can make sure to touch on material that is relevant to the participants.

More Info

Fees — waived while in Beta

$285 per month, sessions are 1.5 hours per week, 4-5 sessions per month. Partial scholarships and sliding scale fees may be available. If you wish to contribute to our programs, whether or not you're enrolled in them, please consider signing up as a patron/sponsor for our works on Patreon or make a 1 time payment or direct 1-time personal donation.

This is a beta program, honorariums or tips will be accepted to defray costs but are by no means required. We are grateful for your time in trying out and evaluating our program.

Applications Open: 6 meetings, please select only 1:

  • Reparenting 11:30am-1pm EST Tuesdays July 21 to August 5th 2020 -- weekly
  • Building Trust 11:30am-1pm EST Fridays July 31 to September 4th 2020 -- weekly
  • Internal Communication 11:30am-1pm EST Sundays August 9 to September 13th 2020 -- weekly
  • Internal Community TBA -- weekly
Technology: for now these sessions will run on my self-hosted Mumble Server, in both voice and chat. You do not need a microphone, I think. You will be muted — but you can listen to me and type in responses. This will help participants remain anonymous if desired.

How to Join

Please see our mini FAQ on this beta program for all the steps and the disclaimers of the program that you must agree to to participate. You may opt out before you even begin.

First Step to Apply

Use the website form below to email us that you are interested and answer these questions in your email:

  • How did you hear about the program?
  • What do you think this program is about?
  • Can you commit to being available for 3 hours a week for 2 weeks for group coaching?
  • Are you willing to be an active participant and ask questions (in chat or voice) during the program sessions?
  • Will you fill out an evaluation after the 2 weeks to let me know what worked for you?

Sign up for waiting list

You may email us to be placed on the waiting list. Please let us know your interests:

  • free beta group coaching program (a short ~4-session group coaching for working through new materials, longer application process, exit survey required, follow-up surveys required)
  • full group coaching programs (8-12 weeks)
  • you are able to pay the full price of the coaching sessions ($285/month — this helps fund a partial scholarship/sliding scale participant)
  • sliding scale i.e. partial scholarship pricing (a flexible amount with a minimum payment)
  • full scholarship (you are unable to contribute anything towards the expenses of running the program; other clients or participants are covering your fee(s)).



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