United Front: Pilot Coaching Program

The coaching pilot groups have moved to the online course application at Plurality Resource. The quickest link to find which group coaching pilot programs are available for enrollment is here https://pluralityresource.org/collections/live-components/.

Pilot Courses Opening in 2022

Applications Opening - there is an application process with cut off dates. These are former pilots that will be re-run in 2022 as live group coaching sessions:

  • Applications Open: Building Trust – Starting Feb 2022 – 6 modules on working on schisms and divisions in your system
  • Internal Communication – about 6 modules on beginning through advanced internal communication skills
  • Reparenting – Starting end of March 2022 – 6 modules on caring for system kids & building a reparenting-focused community
Courses listed for $10,000 on the courseware site are now closed for enrollment. They need to be kept on the site for current students to go through the course.

Past Coaching Pilots Now Stand-Alone Self-Paced Courses

The following sliding-scale courses are now available as self-paced courses at https://pluralityresource.org/:

  • Search & Rescue – about 4 modules on finding lost headmates & helping stuck headmates get unstuck
  • Developing Better Spoons – about 6 modules on personal energy/spoon management
  • System Mapping – 4 modules on improving your relationships and inner world via mapping exercises

As a side note Sliding Scale instructions are given in the course overview.

Other self-led courses coming soon:

  • Inner Worldscaping – 4 modules on working on discovering & developing your inner world
  • Currently Pilot Group Alumni Only - Building Community – about 6 modules on building & improving internal community
  • See the courseware site for other offerings.

More about the Pilots: Internal Community Workgroups

The pilot coaching groups are only for plural & multiple systems (whether or not diagnosed with DID/MPD or OSDD/DDNOS or self-diagnosed), who are willing to work on internal community issues in a group setting.

Are you having trouble with trust within your system? Are there people in your head that you do not get along with? Are you frustrated with sharing your life with others? Are you ready to get along better so you can work out how to share your life with less friction?

  • Build internal system trust
  • Learn to recognize unhealthy power dynamics at play
  • Facilitate dynamics that foster communication
  • Learn from external group dynamics, and healthy social dynamics and apply them to your internal system
  • Stop unintentional internal bullying, coercion, mis-application of force in your system

We use concepts from group facilitation, organizational theory, systems theory, life coaching, and good social common sense to look at how a system may improve their internal dynamics and learn to work together.

Sessions will begin by demonstrating and discussing foundational concepts such as “As inside, so outside (and vice versa)” and how these concepts apply specifically in system trust issues. Group members will be invited to briefly share issues and asked whether they'd like to discuss how the concepts may apply to their situation.

About your Coach Facilitator

Rev. Criss Ittermann (“The Crisses”) are a life coach and Interfaith minister who became aware of "other people in their head" at age 16. With 30+ years of experience as a group entity with high co-consciousness and dealing with external multiple systems, they have brought these concepts to others to help develop better internal relationships. They are the majority contributor to kinhost.org, host of Many Minds on the Issue podcast, and the developer of the United Front Boot Camp for building internal community.

Read more about Criss

Session Info

Fees — waived while in testing

For pilot programs, honorariums or tips will be accepted to defray costs but are by no means required. We are grateful for your time in trying out and evaluating our program.

We have decided to waive any fees for our group coaching pilots for plurals, and re-release the pilots as sliding-scale suggested $10 donation at https://pluralityresource.org. We have been generously compensated by individuals who enrolled in pilots in the past, and we suggest if anyone wishes to do so consider contributing up to $285 per month (so a 4-session program $285, 6-session programs $425). Nothing required, anything appreciated. Some of our basic expenses are being covered by generous patrons and other consulting clients. Additional patrons will allow us to say no to more non-plural paying customers freeing up more time for helping plurals and developing programs. If you wish to contribute to our programs, whether or not you're enrolled in them, please consider signing up as a patron/sponsor for our works on Patreon or make a 1 time payment or direct 1-time personal donation. This will help offset the costs of providing programs. Other ways to give back include helping with machine transcript corrections, creating text descriptions of visual media, and other 1-off tasks to help make any multimedia content in the courses more accessible for students.


Live sessions will run on our self-hosted Jitsi-Meet Server, in both voice and chat with the possibility of screensharing or live whiteboard notes/diagrams. You may participate by video, text &/or voice, although participant accessibility needs may change this. Participants may remain anonymous if desired by using a fake system name and using the chat.

How do we sign up for the waiting list?

You may email us to be placed on the waiting list. Please include the following:

  • What should we call you or y'all? (System name, or individual name, pseudonym is fine, pronouns)
  • How did you hear about the program?
  • Please let us know your interests:
    • Which topics are you interested in? (we will email you about what we offer regardless, but this may help us prioritize what to offer first)
    • free pilot group coaching program (a short ~4-6 session group coaching for working through new materials, longer application process, exit survey required, follow-up surveys required)
    • full group coaching programs (8-12 weeks)
    • you are able to pay the full price of the coaching sessions ($285/month — this helps fund a partial scholarship/sliding scale participant)
    • sliding scale i.e. partial scholarship pricing (a flexible amount with a minimum payment)
    • full scholarship (you are unable to contribute anything towards the expenses of running the program; other clients or participants are covering your fee(s)).
  • What is your availability and time zone? (we are US Eastern (NY) time if you would prefer to translate)



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