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After much consideration, we have decided to run workshops and courses hosted on our own secure/encrypted Mumble server. Students will participate in a chat dialogue only. Our content will be delivered live in audio only with Mumble chat links to any visual files or downloads/homework needed to support the course.

Mumble "Clients" (your application) are available for Linux, Mac, Windows, and iOS — and available for Android (via the application Plumble).

The server running Life Coaching's Mumble is a dedicated hosting Linux server run by The Crisses & their DID partner as the administrators. Our Mumble server does not log chat or record audio. Students (and me as instructor) may click the Record button in Mumble if available or copy/paste the chats — but there will be no centralized recordings. I am likely to record the audio for my own purposes (review, or resale as a stand-alone product).

You choose your own username/handle in the Mumble chat. The room will be private with an "Access Token" required for entry that will be given to participants by email from the same server (our server hosts our websites and personal email addresses).

This is the best way to ensure security. If we deal with Discord, What's App, Facebook groups, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Free Conference Call, or anyone else's software — especially corporate-owned software — we can't ensure any level of privacy or security whatsoever. Like everything, though, your privacy is up to the participants in the exchanges. If you do not want to participate in the live course due to privacy concerns, you may ask to be on a waiting list for downloadable versions of the course, or keep checking back for when they are posted.

Identities of participants will be kept confidential, participants can make up their own username on the server. Questions being answered may be repeated for visually impaired participants. If all participants use a pseudonym in the chat, and don't use system members' names, it will help protect everyone's identity. We will avoid stating who asked a question if we repeat it for the recording or accessibility reasons.

For information on how we keep and protect client information see our entire Privacy Policy.

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