Your Privacy & Security for Group Programs

We have decided to run workshops and courses hosted on our own secure/encrypted Jitsi-Meet server. Students will participate in a chat dialogue only by default and may choose an anonymous "handle" or username for the sessions to help obscure their identity from other participants. If you feel secure doing so, you can raise your hand and unmute to speak to the group.

Our content will be delivered live by audio and screenshare alongside preparation materials, links, between-week assignments, etc. being hosted at (where you also can find the application for upcoming coaching groups.) (See accessibility notes below: by request we can swap various formats to accommodate attendees).

Jitsi-Meet apps are available for mobile devices, and it is accessed via browser on desktops and laptops. Information and clients are available at

There will be a different link per-course and a password to enter, given through the courseware application.

Identities of participants will be kept confidential, participants can make up their own username in the courseware & Jitsi server. Questions being answered from the chat may be repeated for visually impaired participants. If all participants use a pseudonym in the chat, and don't use system members' names, it will help protect everyone's identity. We will avoid stating who asked a question if we repeat it for the recording or accessibility reasons, or edit them out before anything is distributed.

For information on how we keep and protect client information see our entire Privacy Policy.

Jitsi-Meet Client applications

iOS & Android look up "Jitsi"
In the app you will have to go into settings and add "" as your server. While there you may wish to have your camera &/or mic off by default (muted).

The part of the link after the / is the room name. So for example if the room link is — then the room name is ThisIsATest.

Mac, Linux & Windows - uses your browser software. Just click the link and the software will ask for permission to use your mic & camera. Cover your camera; it usually starts with the camera ON, and you can mute your camera on your end.

Note the mic tends to be very sensitive so please use headphones and/or earbuds if you have them to help eliminate feedback and so people don't hear themselves as they talk.

Accessibility Notes

  • Who is using audio or text may need to change if participants' accessibility needs make it difficult to use an audio/text chat platform. For example if there are blind members of the audience, we can all do voice, or if there are deaf participants we can all do text. If there are both in the same session we will have to be extremely creative and as flexible as possible to accommodate everyone.

Security Notes

  • The server running Life Coaching's Jitsi instance is a dedicated hosting Linux server run by The Crisses & their long-term plural partner as the administrators.
  • The video room link and password required for entry will be given to participants by email from the same plural-owned server (our server hosts our websites and personal email addresses).
  • This is how we have decided to ensure participant's security; if we deal with Discord, What's App, Facebook groups, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Free Conference Call, or anyone else's software — especially corporate-owned software — we can't ensure any level of privacy or security whatsoever.

Privacy Notes

  • Our Jitsi server does not log chat or record video or audio. Note that students (and me as instructor) may use 3rd party software at minimum to record sessions — so we cannot guarantee your privacy from other students in the chat! However, there will be no centralized automated recordings and we attempt to screen participants.
  • We Crisses are likely to record our own audio on external equipment for our own purposes (online courses, review, transcription, notes, or resale as a stand-alone product if we're doing a lecture). If you are using audio, we will not use your audio. We will record ourselves with an outside device and use headphones to eliminate the chance of the mic picking your voice up.
  • We require everything be confidential. Your privacy and confidentiality is up to the other participants in the exchanges as well. Always be mindful of how much you share and that anything you say could be repeated or copied to outside of this small group environment.
  • If you do not want to participate in the live course due to privacy concerns, you may ask to be on a waiting list for downloadable versions of the course, get our books, use our free tools (all through, or keep checking back for when something new is posted. We are trying our best to ensure everyone's security and privacy, but some of it is out of our hands.