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United Front Boot Camp: building internal community

Internal Community Workgroups

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For people diagnosed with DID/MPD, OSDD/DDNOS, self-diagnosed, or who are plural/multiple and do not want an official diagnosis from a therapist — who are willing and able to work on internal community building in a group setting.

Build internal system trust, learn to recognize and correct unhealthy system power dynamics at play. Participants will learn to facilitate open communication in their system, heal and manage internal relationships, build internal trust, create team meetings, improve internal communication, etc. Topics include systems theory, external versus internal group dynamics, healthy social dynamics that can be adopted for internal leadership and role-modeling, correcting issues from unintentional internal bullying, coercion, mis-application of force. Sessions may include handouts, worksheets, homework assignments, and surveys to determine group needs and the group will be continuously monitored for speed, need and whether any members need additional help outside of the group sessions, or to transition to a different group.

Participants will be screened personally with a 30-minute intake by Criss before they're accepted into the group, and to determine appropriate group placement with other ongoing groups. Groups will be kept small, and more groups rolled out as-needed.

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