Group Coaching Programs

United Front Group Programs: building internal community

Internal Community Workgroups

United Front: Missions enrollment is now open — See link for more info!!

For people diagnosed with DID/MPD, OSDD/DDNOS, self-diagnosed, or who are plural/multiple and do not want an official diagnosis from a therapist — who are willing and able to work on internal community building in a group setting.

Missions will be open-ended and topics will be chosen by participants — and may cover a broad range of issues and needs within the plural & DID/OSDD communities, or working towards skills that will benefit the participants in the group.

Participants will be screened by Criss before they're accepted into the group.

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MHANYS "Chosen Supporter" Programs

We are certified in 2 programs from the Mental Health Association of New York State, and able to offer them as virtual/online programs for you and your supporters.

These programs can work independently, or they can work together:

  • MHCP is an intensive program for folks with the highest needs to help individuals and their supporters meet in the middle during life transitions.
  • CarePath™ can be run after MHCP or stand alone for folks who feel they need a supportive program to improve self-care in partnership with their support system. When run after MHCP, CarePath™ serves to continue to reinforce and practice skills from MHCP as a group.

Both programs have the same philosophy that we do best when both we and our chosen supporters are well-supported - by reinforcing wellness, belongingness, inclusion, acceptance, and practicing self-care, we can all improve our own health and be better able to support one another when someone is having a hard time.

If you have any questions about which program is the better fit for you, please contact Criss.

Mental Health Community Partners (MHCP): Wellness in Partnership With Others

MHANYS Mental Health Community Partner Program

The Mental Health Community Partners Program supports vulnerable people ages 12+ navigating major life transitions, such as going from an inpatient or institutionalized setting back into community while also involving, including and supporting the wellbeing of our chosen supporters. This program helps ensure that we and our chosen supporters are able to communicate and care for ourselves through a major life transition.

Our MHCP Partner program typically meets for 12+ sessions over about 3 months, virtually.

This program was created by the Mental Health Association of New York State (MHANYS) but is not limited to folks in New York. We are a certified MHANYS Mental Health Community Partner.

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MHANYS CarePath&Trade; Coaching

MHANYS CarePath™ Coaching Program

The MHANYS CarePath™ supports vulnerable people ages 12+ and their chosen supporters to create valuable life skills and plans around self-care and wellness. This is called their CarePath™. As we work alongside each other on our CarePath™, groups improve communication and relationships, as well as reinforce that individual wellness contributes to collective wellness. Everyone is better cared for, which helps everyone better support their vulnerable loved one.

Our CarePath™ coaching typically meets for 10 sessions within 3 months, virtually.

This program was created by the Mental Health Association of New York State (MHANYS) but is not limited to folks in New York. We are a certified MHANYS CarePath™ Coach.

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Other Programs

If you're interested in developing a unique program for your organization, please contact us here.