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United Front Boot Camp: building internal community

Internal Community Workgroups

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For people diagnosed with DID/MPD, OSDD/DDNOS, or who are multiple and do not want an official diagnosis from a therapist — who are willing and able to work on internal community building in a group setting.

Build internal system trust, learn to recognize and correct unhealthy system power dynamics at play. Participants will learn to facilitate open communication in their system, heal and manage internal relationships, build internal trust, create team meetings, improve internal communication, etc. Topics include systems theory, external versus internal group dynamics, healthy social dynamics that can be adopted for internal leadership and role-modeling, correcting issues from unintentional internal bullying, coercion, mis-application of force. Sessions may include handouts, worksheets, homework assignments, and surveys to determine group needs and the group will be continuously monitored for speed, need and whether any members need additional help outside of the group sessions, or to transition to a different group.

Participants will be screened personally with a 30-minute intake by Criss before they're accepted into the group, and to determine appropriate group placement with other ongoing groups. Groups will be kept small, and more groups rolled out as-needed.

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Control from Chaos

Internal Energy Management Workgroup

Are you riled up and panicked? Run down and flatlined? Is your head buzzing? Do you have manic or uncontrolled switching? Are you always living in fear? Constantly craving carbs? Pounding the caffeinated beverages?

These are signs that we're operating our lives from "Panic energy". This over-use of adrenaline energy to get through our day depletes important energy reserves, depletes our body of essential vitamins, causes poor digestion, causes our thoughts to race, and makes it difficult to concentrate. We may be getting things done — but are we getting the right things done?

At its worst, running our lives with panic energy can cause us to be so depleted that we burn out and flatline, unable to motivate ourselves to do anything at all.

We're always looking at how human's personal systems interoperate (mind, body, spirit…), and one important member of a multiple system is its shared body. If we don't get control of our physiological systems it affects us both in mind and body, which spills over into all our other system dynamics — and as usual, our system dynamics can also spill over into our body and affect our sleep, digestion, energy levels, and motivation.

How do you break these interrelated feedback loops? Based on our book SURRENDER™ to Passion — Control from Chaos will help you learn about how the mind affects the body, and the body affects the mind, specifically for multiples. We will learn things we can do, both in mind and body, to harness our energy systems so we have the control and energy we need to make community out of our internal chaos.

Content Warning: There will be spirituality touched on in this working group (mindfulness, gratitude, passion, various types of interrelated energy, Chinese & Ayeurvedic medicine concepts, shamanic concepts, etc. all as to how they relate to energy systems in the mind, spirit & body), but no religious content as in specific gods, dogmas, religions, messiahs, doctrine, prayers, etc.

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Other Programs

If you're interested in developing a unique program for your organization, please contact me below.

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Potential clients can contact me with the form below, by phone, or text to schedule a 30-minute fully confidential sample session. During this appointment we determine what you are looking for, I show you how I work, and we determine whether we would like to pursue a coach-client relationship together.

Please feel free to call and leave a message. If you do not reach me, please keep in mind that I work with clients by phone and please leave a message so I can get back to you.
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