United Front Group Coaching Programs

United Front: Missions Group Coaching Program

Life is an adventure; the treasure you seek is you&!

Join the United Front: Missions Group Coaching Program and embark on a journey towards building a strong and supportive internal community for your plural system.

As a plural system, you may face unique challenges in fostering communication and resolving internal conflicts. Our coaching program provides a warm and inclusive environment where you can work towards achieving your system's goals with the support and guidance of peers & our system's experienced coaches.

Our flexible topics, practical exercises, and accountability mechanisms are designed to help you make progress in your selves-work, learn new recovery and self-care tactics, and practice self-management skills.

You'll have the opportunity to discuss goals, share progress, and receive support from peers who understand your experiences. Whether you want to build internal system trust, resolve broken internal dynamics, or level up your resident's skills, our program will provide you with the tools and motivation you need to achieve success.

Apply today and let's work together to make your system's dreams a reality!

Missions is an ongoing group coaching program with flexible topics and accountability for participants to make progress in selves-work, learning, and practicing a variety of recovery, selves-care, and selves-management tactics.

This coaching group is for plural & multiple systems (whether or not diagnosed), who are willing to work on internal community issues in a group setting.

Some suggested goals — but please bring your& own:

  • Share your life with less friction
  • Build internal system trust, resolve broken internal dynamics, mend rifts between headmates or factions
  • Recognize unhealthy internal & external power dynamics at play
  • Facilitate dynamics that foster communication
  • Get to know your& system better, onboard residents, and help residents level up
  • Discover external adulting & recovery skills
  • Develop internal community, belongingness & inclusion
  • Working on energy regulation, emotional regulation, and presence skills


Thursdays 4-6pm New York time (SKIPPING! 2nd Thursdays & US Thanksgiving & possibly more.)

Group meetings are ongoing. In 2024 we will not meet on Thursday, April 11th, May 9th, June 13th, July 11th, August 8th, September 12th, October 10th, November 14th & 28th, December 12th.

Open enrollment expected to be ongoing until May 31st, 2024.

Pricing & Fees

Sliding scale $0-25 per week.

Suggested $10/week or $40/month. Preferred as a monthly payment (for lower processing fees). Enter other amounts here: http://paypal.me/eclectic/. You are paying our company Eclectic Tech LLC. Click here for our Stripe payment form.

We will accept by way of the honor system that you are contributing what you can without causing yourself hardships, and that even if you are not able to contribute money, you will respect the coaching group, participants, and commitments as if you are a paying contributor. In other words, don't treat this as being "free."

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How do we apply?

First Step to Apply

Use the website form below to email us that you are interested and answer these questions in your email:

  • What should we call you or y'all? (System name, or individual name, pronouns)
  • How did you hear about the United Front: Missions?
  • What do you think this program is about?
  • Can you commit to being available for weekly group coaching?
  • Are you willing to be an active participant and create system commitments each week?



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The full application process

  1. Email us per instructions — We will email you& a Screening Questionnaire back.
  2. Fill the questionnaire out & use the email address in it to send your& completed questionnaire back to us. We will send y'all a Group Coaching Agreement with your& name or system name as the Participant, etc.
  3. Read over the agreement and decide amongst yourselves whether y'all can agree to the terms.
  4. Email us your agreement, or any questions/concerns y'all have about the agreement & we can discuss.
  5. We will notify y'all when if are accepted into the course, and given a link for the first or next meeting.
  6. Show up — preferably 5 minutes before each group begins so that we can take care of any technical difficulties without taking away from group time.

Please don't hesitate to apply. We have yet to have any course that is full or to have to turn anyone away. Several students have been able to come back and take a different live coaching group. You are not taking up space inappropriately or excluding someone else.

More Info

Other Notes

About your Coach Facilitator

Rev. Criss Ittermann (“The Crisses”) are a life coach and Interfaith minister who became aware of "other people in their head" at age 16. With 30+ years of experience as a group entity with high co-consciousness and dealing with external multiple systems, they have brought these concepts to others to help develop better internal relationships. They are the majority contributor to kinhost.org, host of Many Minds on the Issue podcast, and the developer of the United Front Boot Camp for building internal community.

Read more about Criss

Notes on Fees

We have decided to charge a fee for this group coaching program, and allow participants to self-select their ability to pay. $10/session ($30-40/month) is our asking fee, and we know some folk have more and can gladly give more, so we suggest up to $25 per meeting. Pay what you can. Some ways to make this easier on you might be to sign up on our Patreon at the level you can, or to pay directly via PayPal, or we can issue a Stripe invoice, or charge you via Stripe when you authorize it.

Normally our group coaching fees would be around $285 per month (you can compare this with our CarePath™ fees). Some of our basic expenses are being covered by generous patrons and other coaching & consulting clients. Additional patrons will allow us to say no to more non-plural paying customers freeing up more time for helping plurals and developing programs. If you wish to contribute to our programs, whether or not you're enrolled in them, please consider signing up as a patron/sponsor for our works on Patreon or make a 1 time payment or direct 1-time personal donation. This will help offset the costs of providing programs such as this one. Other ways to give back include barter & volunteer work: helping with machine transcript corrections, creating text descriptions of visual media, and other 1-off tasks to help make any multimedia content in our courses more accessible for students.

Accommodations & Technology

Groups have text chat & voice available. Accommodations will be made as needed for any & all participants. Live sessions are run on our self-hosted Jitsi-Meet Server, in both voice and chat with the possibility of screensharing or live whiteboard notes/diagrams. You may participate by video, text &/or voice, although participant accessibility needs may change this. Participants may remain anonymous if desired by using a fake system name and using the chat.