This group (and the intake for it) was my first major interaction with the Crisses, and I came away very honored for having been part of the experience. This group was an incredibly engaging place where we felt safety for many members of our system to come out and express ourselves, as well as learn from both the wisdom of others and the experience of a very mature, mentorship-focused system. The Crisses did an incredible job advocating for everyone internal to the system, and going way far above and beyond the call of duty to actually invest in everyone and keep up with how they're doing. As a system, they are incredibly generous and kind, and set a strong example for how to safely engage with a crazy, topsy-turvy world from a place of healthy functional plurality .(much more, follow link…)
I can't recommend these programs enough. This is one of those experiences that is very hard to describe, and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. Many of the critical ideas presented here are absent in one form or another from modern mainstream therapeutic literature, and that's to the detriment of that side of the field. It is certainly no wonder that recovery from complex trauma and structural dissociation is still very difficult within the modern therapeutic landscape -- the generally available tools are quite lacking. The concepts that the Crisses presented were not only easy to understand, but immediately effective, broadly applicable, and more directly accomplished what a lot of therapy/self-help materials only indirectly accomplished over a longer timespan. I did not find these concepts pseudoscientific in the least, and when concepts have been derived from multicultural spiritual traditions, they are presented in an inclusive manner which allows for one to take the essence of the idea without necessarily committing to that particular spiritual modality. Time and time again, the Crisses hit the mark on finding empirically effective methods, have a broad and well-integrated understanding of both the theories and history of the surrounding psychology, and also have well-connected the plurality of therapeutic modalities deriving from said theories.

I was a part of one of the trial groups, which was offered for free, and I've personally found I've gotten so much value and personal respect for the Crisses that I'll be going back and paying for it as if it was a "real" non-trial group session. In terms of group belonging, safety, and attachment, I found myself very much missing the group as we headed into the last two weeks. I simply didn't want it to end. This experience is worth every bit of what you put into it, and I'd reach out to the Crisses to start a conversation even if a group session and/or personal coaching is outside of your financial avenues. I firmly believe that everyone on the plurality spectrum would benefit from going through these groups, multiple times, to learn all of the layered lessons that lay the foundation for an incredibly healthy system. I now have the tools I need, far more than before, to really start making a healthy impact in my own life. Additionally, it's helped me provide support in my personal relationships and interactions with other systems as well.

Put simply -- you won't regret it.

-- Anonymous Four, Building Trust group alum