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Past Group Coaching Pilots Are Now Stand-Alone Self-Paced Courses

The following sliding-scale ($0-10 or $0-25 USD) courses are now available as self-paced courses at Note: Courses listed for $10,000 on the courseware site are currently closed for enrollment. They need to be kept on the site for current students to go through the course.

  • Internal Communication – 6 modules on beginning through advanced internal communication skills
  • Reparenting - 6 modules on caring for system kids & building a reparenting-focused community
  • Building Trust – 6 modules on working on schisms and divisions in your system
  • Search & Rescue – about 4 modules on finding lost headmates & helping stuck headmates get unstuck
  • Developing Better Spoons – about 6 modules on personal energy/spoon management
  • System Mapping – 4 modules on improving your relationships and inner world via mapping exercises
  • Inner Worldscaping – 4 modules on working on discovering & developing your inner world
  • Currently Pilot Group Alumni Only - will be available as a self-led course in 2023 — Building Community – about 6 modules on building & improving internal community
  • See the courseware site for other offerings, including our free System Safety Plan & Ship's Log Planner courses.

As a side note Sliding Scale instructions are given in the course overview.

More about the original Pilot coaching groups

All the above courses were developed for a live coaching group with a flipped-classroom model. Students did lecture & exercise work between meetings. Meetings were for live Q&A, going over any questions and how successful (or unsuccessful) exercises were for the students. Then the feedback could be taken back to improve the course for future self-led students.

Many modules in the courses will have a live session feedback lecture with some additional notes from the live session, additional optional materials that came up during the live reviews, and occasionally additional lectures or sections were back-added to the module materials to clarify or add concepts for the self-led course in the future.

Other Presentations

About your Coach Facilitator

Rev. Criss Ittermann (“The Crisses”) are a life coach and Interfaith minister who became aware of "other people in their head" at age 16. With 35+ years of experience as a group entity with high co-consciousness and dealing with external multiple systems, they have brought these concepts to others to help develop better internal relationships. They are the majority contributor to, host of Many Minds on the Issue podcast, and the developer of the United Front Boot Camp for building internal community.