Contributions from the community can help fund full and partial scholarships for the United Front Group Coaching program

It is our mission to help plurals with DID and related disorders to work on internal community. We have done much of our free offerings without compensation, paid for infrastructure, spent inordinate amounts of time on building a knowledge and experience base, and spent a lot of our personal time as a group brainstorming solutions to very real plural problems and figuring out how to explain the solutions to other plurals in a way that is not only theoretical, but practical, and leverages common metaphors.

We need funding for individual & group coaching. We have some funds coming in through Patreon, which supports limited programs &/or a portion of our content generation efforts. Anything helps, because it bolsters our Patreon funding for programs. However, it's possible someone wants to directly donate to our

  • $125 funds one 60-minute individual coaching session or two 30-minute sessions.
  • $40-100 funds one or more sliding-scale participants for our ongoing United Front: Missions coaching

Individual and group coaching is the goal of our life's work that we monetize directly, and provide our information base and our experience customized to individual clients. Our shared passion to give back to the plural community combines well with our experience and training as a professional life-coach. We're excited and impatient but we know good things take time. Yet time is our one finite commodity.

We have shut down our other business income except some few slow drip residual resources that fund only our most basic expenses. Group coaching sessions are draining (we're introverted by nature), require prep and screening participants, and follow-up time, etc. and cannot be done easily alongside other distracting work or employment. Thus we need our group coaching sessions to support our financial needs. Thankfully group coaching sessions are a good way to leverage time and energy.

If you decide to help fund scholarships, your contribution will not be tax-deductable. Our work is not a registered IRS charity. Our business will pay us after business and advertising expenses, and we report and pay taxes on income, per usual. If a participant is willing, we could pass a thank-you from them to you, but you will only know that you did indeed help to fund one or more participants in our programs.

Please contact us if you are interested. If we get interested persons, we will post more information about various ways to contribute, and if necessary we'll figure out ways that donors can contribute anonymously.