The First Law of Multiple Systems

Posted on March 08, 2018.

The First Law of Multiple Systems

I believe there is one immutable law for all multiple systems:

We are all in this together.

This law doesn't care whether you fight and waste time with internal wars. It is patient, and always present.

You can struggle against it. You can try to leave. You can ignore your headmates — but this law will haunt you, resist you, and make you miserable.

The only way to reclaim your power as a multiple is to act in accordance with The First Law. That means you form an internal community. You can decide what your community looks like — how it operates, and what your shared goals are. But you are all in this together.

Whatever you do, your community must respect The First Law of Multiples.

Once you are "all in" — you can change how many of you there are, you can consolidate or merge (if that's something you were looking forward to). But unless you are all in, you don't have that option.

Following The First Law will make things go smoother. From there, you can support each other, better handle the difficulties of life as a group, you can tackle homework in therapy or school as a group, you can share your job, you can work together on shared dreams and goals. You can find things you love to do together, and share your time for individuals to enjoy their hobbies.

I help multiples obey The First Law and form an internal community — even after years of chaos, infighting, and war — so that they can get to actually living a shared life rather than fighting it.

Your life is an adventure — and the treasure you're seeking is you.

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