Well we have been coaching with you for a few months now so feel pretty comfortable in speaking about our experience with your coaching. We have set back and watched your System and how you all operate and thought, "Ya. They get it so let's try it!". Absolutely no as in zero regrets. We are, or at least I am often a jumbled, distracted mess of a Host and you all never challenge the words we choose or the behaviors we exhibit but instead challenge us to consider the or's plus the and's (and all those attached behaviors between). Coaching is in addition to therapy for us and have felt so incredibly safe that we actually had The Crisses telehealth in with our provider for continuity of care. A covert System really appreciates the level of trust built to have that happen especially since I am a mental health provider. My therapist has even commented on The Crisses level of knowledge and relatability. Sign up for some coaching because I gotta tell ya there has been some progress happening within this System; you won't be disappointed!