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Worried to Wonderful in 28 days

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Do you know anyone who is beset with worry and anxiety? You know the type -- they have so much potential and you know that they have to get out of their own way, take control of their life with both hands, find and follow their dreams and their passion.

It might even be you.

There's an answer. In SURRENDER™ to Passion: From Worried to Wonderful in 28 days I take the reader by the hand to explore the difference between being held back by fear and following your joy and finding your life's purpose.

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  • 1 page of the Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: the first 3 days of the program
  • 1 page of the bibliography
  • Index
  • Preview the Back Cover & blurb (subject to change)

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Note: While each book is stand-alone, SURRENDER™ to Passion contains the philosophy behind much of the Passionizing™ Planner. You can use the 2 side-by-side, learning about personal energy management in the self-help book, and tracking your exercises and accomplishments from the book in your Planner. The self-help book explains things like Want to Do lists, unloading obligations, explores gratitude, etc. and there are reminders to keep track of these in the planner.

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