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In the realm of Life Coaching, Criss is emerging as a master coach: she is a careful and thoughtful listener, a creative and... (more) --Sheila Pearl, MSW, Life Coach and Coaching Instructor, Newburgh, NY

Criss Ittermann is incredible with her creativity, out of the box thinking and helping you utilize your resources and grow your... (more) --Cynthia Marsh-Croll, Croll Productive Synergy, Westtown, NY

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Individual Coaching

Every person should have a fairy godmother; I am honored to be your spirit guide in human form.

Are you interested in:

  • Reframing disabilities into differences
  • Freedom from Overwhelm
  • Abundant joy in your daily work and routines
  • Energy to serve and still have more for family
  • Authenticity
  • Contact with higher wisdom to create a dream life
  • And much more...

Together we can discover your true beauty for the world to see, create the future you've always dreamed of and ignite your burning desires to fuel the journey.

Consultation (free)

We don't know each other, so how do we get to know each other better? We need to have a conversation. I want to know what your future looks like, and where you are now, so we can plan for success together.

Please schedule a 45 minute session with me by either calling for an appointment at 845-820-0262 and leave a message if you don't get me or using the email form on the Contact Criss page. It's best if you have 2-3 time slots you can suggest when we talk.

During our actual appointment, please plan to walk away from your computer and other distracting beeping and whirring devices so we can really talk. We'll spend about 30 minutes talking about you and up to 15 minutes talking about how we can work together. We'll discuss how often we should talk, and what the fee will be.

If you're not ready to have a conversation with me yet, you might be interested in reading an article, attending one of my seminars or you can sign up on my mailing list to get free tips and a few of my prerecorded seminars.


Everything here is sliding scale. Appointments are from 30 minutes to 2 hours, and meeting frequency is flexible depending on your needs.

For people on disability or out of work, 30 minute sessions are available at $30 each. If you cannot do $30 for 30, please speak to me about barter or other possible arrangements.

People making 6-digit incomes, please pay my full rate of $175/hour. You make giving others a lower rate possible.

Everyone else, please know what your budget is and be prepared to pay a fair rate between, and we'll discuss your budget and needs.

Payments accepted in advance of sessions and packs of multiple sessions are discounted.

What do we do in a session?

Session topics are typically client-led but if you don't have a good handle on your particular needs or topics to address, we can do a 360-degree Life Assessment™ to pinpoint areas in need of work. This is an inventory for 9 areas of your life, and that helps us pinpoint areas to work on, helps set goals, and shows areas in need of further exploration in future sessions. It's also good to revisit this every 3-6 months, to make sure that things are progressing and because people's needs and goals change.

For persons with dissociative identity disorder, I can assist you through the United Front boot camp.

Please take advantage of the email form at the bottom of the page to ask questions.

To schedule a Two-Way Interview or ask questions:

Call 845-820-0262, or email me below:



Enter code:

Enlightened Conversations are by phone and paid in advance unless other arrangements are made. If you require scholarships or special arrangements, please contact me for your Two-Way Interview and we can discuss your needs.