Freda's People

Crisses are like a thousand breaths of fresh air. We used to be worried we were an awful help rejecting monster of a human being, but can see in hindsight that a lot of “help” from mental health professionals was genuinely hurting us. (more, follow link…)
Since we’ve found Crisses, it seems we are more than willing to try things - simply because time and time again, their advice has proven effective for helping us get to wherever we’re trying to go. Not one tiny bit of hurting either, just hope, and relief, almost like they're breathing it out wherever they go.

We recently finished a coaching group led by Crisses, and will be eternally grateful for the opportunity to attend. Before the course was even halfway through, our system had broken out of what seemed like a neverending chronic freeze, and we had people journalling, making agreements, plans, and communicating regularly throughout each day. Also, lots of odd things we have going on inside and never managed to make sense of were easily validated or explained by Crisses, which really helped us feel more solid and sure of ourselves. The coaching took us way beyond where we could ever have imagined in just a few short weeks.

I expect we will be reaping the benefits of this coaching for many years to come. If you get the chance to spend even a few minutes with Crisses, I highly recommend seizing it with both hands. Probably some of the most empowering, open-minded, open-hearted peoples you'll find on this Earth.

--Freda's People, Internal Communication Group Coaching Pilot (2)