Passionizing™ Practicing the art of following your heart

Can you cultivate endless energy in your life? Of course you can! Come join us for a workshop series where we learn how to better control our energy levels, how to source our daily energy from our heart, and get out of the daily grind. We'll practice mindfulness, heart-centered living, finding our Sacred Cause, eliminating panic energy that's sourced in our adrenals, and get into passion energy that's sourced in our infinite capacity to love what we do. You can feel better, and manage your stress levels by changing how you live every day.

If you can harness a daily practice of Passionizing™, here's some of the benefits you may receive:

  • Prevent burnout
  • Relieve stress
  • Get the health benefits of a daily mindfulness practice
  • Be more present to every moment of your life so time expands
  • Make more conscious choices for your health
  • Liberate yourself from anxiety and depression
  • Delegate more easily
  • Guard your energy more carefully
  • and more…

Here's an idea of session topics that are available:

  • Living Out of Our Mind & Mindfulness
  • Guilt, Anxiety & Unconditional Acceptance
  • Yes or No? Owning Your Time
  • Take No Prisoners & Letting Things Go
  • Evaluating Our Energy & Creating Boundaries
  • Our Want To Do List & What Not to Do
  • Deep Gratitude, Giving Up & Giving In
  • Your Sacred Cause
  • The Monster & Digging for your Why
  • The Ongoing Practice of Passion

Liberate your Life and follow your burning desire with our Passionizing™ classes.

Available in-person as a lunch & learn, or as a conference call group-coaching session.

Non-profit special:

Host the session at your location or organize a group conference call, and invite other organizations in your area to come to the session. For every paying attendee, one of your employees attends for free. Minimum total attendees is 10 for this offer (5 paid attendees and 5 compensated attendees).

Interested? Contact us for more information.

If you are interested in Passionizing™ for your organization, please contact Rev. Criss below:



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