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A Shaman is a skilled intermediary who deals with the spirit world on your behalf. Shamans operate in several layers of "Nonordinary Reality" or the spirit worlds and leverage their skills and contacts to negotiate, heal, and act on your behalf.

For example, if you were injured years ago, it may have caused an imbalance in one of your spirit bodies. This imbalance attracts negative energies into your spirit which can then become chronic weakness or even chronic conditions. Shamans can access a trance state in which they act both in the physical and non-physical world and they can clear negativity from your aura. The emptiness must be filled properly, or the negativity will return (see my article on Soul Loss).

There are many other services that can be provided by a shaman.

Criss as a Shaman

Initiated several times by the "school of hard knocks" throughout her childhood and teen years, Criss was later formally initiated into Core Shamanism by Michael Harner, the Golden Cauldron journeys by Nicki Scully, then most recently initiated by Don Jose Quimbo in the Ecuadorian musical and rhythmic shamanic tradition of Taki Samy*.

As an natural energy worker, a survivor of trauma in childhood, and an initiated shaman, Criss is able to work with her clients on many levels of being. She can act as an intermediary to the spirit world and other levels of consciousness, and is very open to listening to your otherworldly experiences during life coaching sessions.

Please see the Articles area for concepts of shamanism that may be of interest.

*Taki Samy is an arcane practice rarely taught to Westerners, from the elders of Ecuador's high Andes. Taki Samy is a key to achieving harmony and healing between the body, soul-spirit and the conscience.