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I think your workshop was deceptively good........I mean, its value is only partially obvious up front, but upon contemplation... (more) --Pat Weinert, Weinert T-Shirts, Middletown, NY

In the realm of Life Coaching, Criss is emerging as a master coach: she is a careful and thoughtful listener, a creative and... (more) --Sheila Pearl, MSW, Life Coach and Coaching Instructor, Newburgh, NY

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Curriculum Vitae (in progress)

This is a partial Curriculum Vitae as I go over my past courses and accomplishments. Most of this reconstruction of my "CV" is done through going into past notebooks and schedule books, file cabinets, and basement boxes, so I welcome corrections on teacher's names, course names, etc.

Classes Taken

  • Traditions of Healing, 3/8/91, Susun Weed
  • Spring Tonics, 3/9/91, Susun Weed
  • Chronic Problems, 3/10/91, Susun Weed
  • Mysteries of Wild Herbs, 3/23/91
  • American Sign Language, levels 1-5, 1991-2, American Sign Language Institute
  • Shamanic Midwifery, 4/21/91, Jeanne Parvati Baker
  • CPR Training, 5/4/91, Kingsboro Community College
  • Walking Tour of Chinatown, 6/15/91 & others, Letha Haddady
  • Kyudo, 6/21 to 6/23/91
  • Gypsy Dance, 1991+, Dalia Carrella
  • Assorted Yoga classes
  • Assorted Wild Weed Tours by Stephen Brill
  • Johrei class, 9/20/91
  • Make Your Own Antara, 9/22/91
  • Wayne Weissman survival skills class 9/29/91
  • Herbs for PMS, 9/30/91 (6 weeks), Robin Bennett?
  • Metamorphoses of Morgan Le Fey, 10/2/91
  • Awakening the Healer Within, 10/4/91, Elisabeth Stratton?
  • Little India Walk, 10/6/91 & others, Letha Haddady
  • Invasion of the Soul, 10/12/91
  • Tales of Old Man Coyote, 10/19/91
  • Immune Tonics(?), 8/18/92, Robin Bennett
  • Bradley Method Childbirthing Class - Ellen Chuse, 1995 & 1997
  • 8 Month Green Medicine Training, New York Open Center, 1997
    • Teachers include Peeka Trinkle, David Winston, Michael Tierra
  • Love Medicine, 2/1997, Robin Bennett
  • Herbs for your Nerves, 3/1997, Robin Bennett
  • The Way of the Shaman, April 1997, Michael Harner
  • Spring Tonics, Spring 1997 6 weeks, Robin Bennett
  • Interfaith Minister, 1997
  • Reiki intensives beginner through Master/Teacher, 1998-2000, Geoffrey Wendel, Barton Wendel (r.i.p.), & sometimes Tyger Brightfield
  • Healer's Retreat, July 2000, Four Quarter's Farm (private)
  • Shamanic Healing Course (Taki Samy), July 2000, Don José Quimbo
  • Shamanic Basic Workshop Follow-Up, Dec 2000-Feb 2001, Catlin Cobb
  • Doctor of Motivation, 2009
  • Doctor of Metaphysics, 2009
  • HumaNext Conference, 2010 (Emotional Quotient at Work, Diversity Training & Cultural Competency, Heart & Mind Learning)
  • Book Yourself Solid, Michael Port (circa 2009)
  • Life Coaching Certification, Coaching Skills Institute (2009)

Green Nations Gathering (attended once circa 1991-1992)

  • Herbs for Winter, Deb Soule
  • Moonlodge, Katherine Chantal
  • Trees, Doug Elliott(?)
  • Childbearing Years, Jeanne Shenandoah
  • Herbal Cosmetics, Jane La Force(?)
  • Devas and Spirits, Pam Montgomery
  • Women's Health & Herbs, Amanda McQuade Crawford
  • Herbal Self Massage, Deborah Maia
  • Wild Carrot Seed Study - Preliminary Presentation, Robin Bennett
  • Caring for Animals - Deb Soule

Classes Given

  • Loving Possibilities™ - Kinvention North II & III (circa 2000)
  • Loving Possibilities™ Weekend Intensive - April 2001

Papers & Articles Written

Work Experience

  • New York Open Center - Volunteer Orientation April 30, 1991