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In the realm of Life Coaching, Criss is emerging as a master coach: she is a careful and thoughtful listener, a creative and... (more) --Sheila Pearl, MSW, Life Coach and Coaching Instructor, Newburgh, NY

Today was great. Thank you so much! You clarified my thinking a great deal and helped me to figure how to... (more) --JoAnne Bell, Crafty Bell, Middletown, NY

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Employee Assistance Programs

Businesses can contract with a life coach who focuses on mental health issues, life-satisfaction, and nurturing passion in order to increase employee satisfaction at work, and ultimately improve productivity and tenure within the enterprise. We have special group-rates for working with businesses. It's far less expensive to improve employee morale than deal with lost productivity or hire and train new employees. Employees get full confidentiality, employers can work with the coach on measurable milestones and performance improvements but the employee has to be aware of and agree to the measures used because honesty and transparency are important in a coaching relationship.

The life coach remains an independent contractor for these assignments, and is not told how to do their work with the employee. This helps keep the employee's information confidential, and allows the coach and employee to address life issues both inside and outside of the work environment, all of which have an impact on the employee's mental health that they bring with them to work every day, and can impact productivity, absenteeism and lateness.

Group Coaching Programs

These are our regular group programs. Each program is a combination of class and coaching programs, and with the exception of any introductory seminars they are experiential and require individual and group participation. These programs may be booked for private engagements.

Shamanic Counseling

Coached shamanic journeys to help empower you to find your own answers, and interpret your own spiritual messages and wisdom that is given to you from your otherworldly helpers and teachers.

SURRENDER™ to Passion

Stress relief is a necessary component of getting past your fears so you can follow your dreams. Go from Panic to Peace & Passion.

Giving Your All (without giving it all away): Strategies for caring under a heavy caseload

With a specific eye towards non-profit, helping professions, and public service agencies, this program addresses retention and burnout issues while walking employees through a process of self-improvement and self-care to help relieve the emotional burden of all caring professions.

360-Degree Life Assessment™

Take a thorough inventory of your life and find areas that are in need of improvement, uncover hidden blocks, come up with new ideas and a plan for how to take on your dreams.

SuperWoman's Power Secrets party

Get together with your friends and experience a personal-energy boost together! Hostess special available for coordinating the group.

Falling in Love with Work

An inspirational and experiential stress-reduction workshop for your organization's employees to help them rediscover their passion for everything, especially the work they do.

Loving Possibilities

There is a wide range of possibilities for love, self-pleasuring, romance, sexual interactions, and expressing human sexuality. In these group programs we explore healthy adult sexual and sensual choices in a sacred environment.

Other Programs

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Past Programs

  • January 5th, 2010 - From Exhausted to Elated
  • December 14 & 16, 2009 - 9 Keys to Energy Management Part I and II
  • Oct 30, 2009 - Burnout -- If you can't take the heat you gotta take this workshop
  • Oct 6, 2009 - Transforming Burnout into a Burning Desire
  • Oct 17, 2008 through Sept 18, 2009 - The Crissing Link business brainstorming sessions
  • June 11, 2009, Fishkill, NY: QED Hudson Valley Business Edge 2009 - Website Promotion for Business Owners: You've got it, now flaunt it!
  • Orange County Chamber of Commerce - December 4, 2008 - Small Business Challenges, a peer-led brainstorming session, moderated by Criss Ittermann of Eclectic Tech, LLC
  • QED Hudson Valley Business Edge 2008 - Website Bootcamp for Business Owners & Ask a Consultant
  • QED Hudson Valley Business Edge 2007 - Web By Design & Who's Your Website For & Ask a Consultant
  • Loving Possibilities™: The Prologue, April 27-29, 2001; ran a weekend-long adult sexuality workshop - approx. 20 hrs, 10 attendees.