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Giving Your All (without giving it all away)
Strategies for caring under a heavy caseload

In helping professions, non-profit agencies, and case management, many employees take on the pain and problems of their customers in the quest to "help." Long hours, large caseloads, reporting regulations and other demands of the workplace erode the employee's ability to care for themselves. Morale, employee health, and eventually employment or employability suffers. At the end of the long road of caring deeply for others who are suffering or at the end of their own rope, workers are often mired in a state of mental and physical exhaustion called burnout. If they totally "burn out," employment in the same position is no longer a viable option: the employee will flee the organization, whether mentally, emotionally or physically (vocationally).

This can happen at all levels of an organization from directors to your front lines. What starts out as a true passion to help and serve erodes into a deep need to take care of oneself at the expense of others, as evidenced by snarky comments, bitter resentment, exhaustion, worry, nitpicking and deep dissatisfaction with their placement or with the agency. This affects not only employability but the morale of newer staff, services rendered to the consumer, and leadership in the organization.

It's not time to play the blame game. Let's take control of the situation from both ends with a valuable program that transforms worry, fear, boredom and emotional exhaustion into interest, ideas, energy, passion and love for your organization and delivering your mission.

Upper management is given ideas to help employees flourish and help employees implement their end of the program, and all attendees get the chance of a lifetime to adopt important tools to conquer workplace or career dissatisfaction and rediscover their love of helping without getting dragged in on their most difficult assignments and cases.

Available in-person as a lunch & learn, or as a conference call group-coaching session.

Non-profit special:

Host the session at your location or organize a group conference call, and invite other organizations in your area to come to the session. For every paying attendee, one of your employees attends for free. Minimum total attendees is 10 for this offer (5 paid attendees and 5 compensated attendees). The hosting organization gets a free article that explains to upper management how to make top-down changes to the organization to compliment the workshop goals.

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