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The Passionizing™ Planner - Version 0.02
Version 0.02

Passionizing™ Planner

Practicing the art of following your heart

by Rev. Criss Ittermann

Are you looking for a different way to plot out your dreams and goals? Have you tried self-coaching and life planning tools that fell short?

This is a planner that will evolve every year based on user input, and I created it for myself -- I'm a life-long writer, creative, coach, teacher and seeker. I've tried many planners and found they fell short for a variety of reasons. Check out my book, Look Inside, and see if you think it will work for you.

The book includes instructions for everything contained inside:

  • a starter list for designing ways to decompress
  • a starter list of the values of life
  • core values assessment (2 ways -- part of the life assessment, and a role model worksheet)
  • monthly 360-degree Life Assessment™ (values exploration and satisfaction survey/wheel)
  • a mini planning sheet each month (or every 5 weeks)
  • a monthly Relaxation Bingo scorecard
  • a monthly summary/reflection
  • write on the cover in permanent marker & coat with tape or contact paper to prevent smearing or rubbing off

Version 0.03 (Summer 2016) is out now, available on Amazon.

  • 22 "note" pages throughout book - list your Movie or TV series tracker, ideas, or sketches -- anything goes.
  • Table of Contents pages for you to record page numbers at the front of the book
  • Pages now numbered
  • Monthly & yearly planning pages

Every 2-page week contains:

  • little checkboxes for every day, so you can track glasses of water you drank, or number of breaks from your computer, financial goals, number of cold calls you made -- whatever you want to track
  • un-scheduling: there's no set times written on the days. If you work the midnight shift, if your day starts at 11am, if you use an electronic scheduling application -- this is perfect for you.
  • a clear reminder to create your WANT TO DO LIST (talked about in the book SURRENDER™ to Passion: Worried to wonderful in 28 days)
  • a reminder to either take care of or get rid of overwhelming obligations
  • a reminder to listen to your inner wisdom, and take care of yourself
  • a reminder to be grateful, celebrate successes
  • ways to track your activity level and your success level - I'm personally curious about this and whether it will work well. If I'm more active in my business, do I see a trend for more success in a week or two?
  • a way to track which of your life areas you worked on this week


New!! Durable hardcover version available on this hardcover is a beautiful rendition that lays flat, and is far more durable. Decorate the glossy cover using permanent markers then coat in contact paper (or I used tape) so it doesn't rub off. Order at Lulu for about $40.00. It's not as "neon" as their cover image :) I promise. Has the Version 0.03 interior.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


Look Inside on Amazon

List price: $19.99

Order on Amazon -- the fastest way to get it

Local? Ask if I have any copies in-stock. $21.61 - order with tax included -- for delivery at an NWIN event or buyers in Orange County, NY

Older editions available at a discount - $10 + tax. Version 0.01 available, while supplies last.

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