We joined the group coaching pilot about internal communication. We expected to learn some new things about internal communication and maybe get some pointers in the right direction…But the group went way above and beyond our expectations. At the same time we also got a place in a trauma hospital, so we had a direct comparison. Where the licensed trauma therapist made us feel unsafe and like a burden on everyone for being plural, the Crisses built a group environment that felt safe, welcoming and affirming. Where the trauma hospital wanted us to conform exactly to their way of doing things, the group was a supportive place that celebrated creativity, different needs and approaches. We had put so many hopes into getting help from the hospital and the Group Coaching was one of the most significant things during this difficult time that empowered us to say *No thank you* to “help” that felt more harmful and shaming than beneficial. It kept our hope alive that there is help out there that thrives on cooperation and co-creation rather than force and conformity. Thank yall so much for helping us to stay as sane as possible trying to navigate an insane mental health system.
--Incanthatus, Internal Communication Group Coaching Pilot (2)