Curriculum Vitae (in progress)

This is a partial Curriculum Vitae as I go over my past courses and accomplishments to consolidate everything in one place. Most of this reconstruction of my "CV" is done through going into past notebooks and schedule books, file cabinets, and basement boxes, so I welcome corrections on teacher's names, course names, etc.

Classes Taken

  • Traditions of Healing, 3/8/91, Susun Weed
  • Spring Tonics, 3/9/91, Susun Weed
  • Chronic Problems, 3/10/91, Susun Weed
  • Mysteries of Wild Herbs, 3/23/91
  • American Sign Language, levels 1-5, 1991-2, American Sign Language Institute
  • Shamanic Midwifery, 4/21/91, Jeanne Parvati Baker
  • CPR Training, 5/4/91, Kingsboro Community College
  • Walking Tour of Chinatown, 6/15/91 & others, Letha Haddady
  • Kyudo, 6/21 to 6/23/91
  • Gypsy Dance, 1991+, Dalia Carrella
  • Assorted Yoga classes
  • Assorted Wild Weed Tours by Stephen Brill
  • Johrei class, 9/20/91
  • Make Your Own Antara, 9/22/91
  • Wayne Weissman survival skills class 9/29/91
  • Herbs for PMS, 9/30/91 (6 weeks), Robin Bennett?
  • Metamorphoses of Morgan Le Fey, 10/2/91
  • Awakening the Healer Within, 10/4/91, Elisabeth Stratton?
  • Little India Walk, 10/6/91 & others, Letha Haddady
  • Invasion of the Soul, 10/12/91
  • Tales of Old Man Coyote, 10/19/91
  • Immune Tonics(?), 8/18/92, Robin Bennett
  • Bradley Method Childbirthing Class - Ellen Chuse, 1995 & 1997
  • 8 Month Green Medicine Training, New York Open Center, 1997
    • Teachers include Peeka Trinkle, David Winston, Michael Tierra
  • Love Medicine, 2/1997, Robin Bennett
  • Herbs for your Nerves, 3/1997, Robin Bennett
  • The Way of the Shaman, April 1997, Michael Harner
  • Spring Tonics, Spring 1997 6 weeks, Robin Bennett
  • Interfaith Minister, 1997
  • Reiki intensives beginner through Master/Teacher, 1998-2000, Geoffrey Wendel, Barton Wendel (r.i.p.), & sometimes Tyger Brightfield
  • Healer's Retreat, July 2000, Four Quarter's Farm (private)
  • Shamanic Healing Course (Taki Samy), July 2000, Don José Quimbo
  • Shamanic Basic Workshop Follow-Up, Dec 2000-Feb 2001, Catlin Cobb
  • Doctor of Motivation, 2009
  • Doctor of Metaphysics, 2009
  • HumaNext Conference, 2010 (Emotional Quotient at Work, Diversity Training & Cultural Competency, Heart & Mind Learning)
  • Book Yourself Solid, Michael Port (circa 2009)
  • Life Coaching Certification, Coaching Skills Institute (2009)

Green Nations Gathering (attended once circa 1991-1992)

  • Herbs for Winter, Deb Soule
  • Moonlodge, Katherine Chantal
  • Trees, Doug Elliott(?)
  • Childbearing Years, Jeanne Shenandoah
  • Herbal Cosmetics, Jane La Force(?)
  • Devas and Spirits, Pam Montgomery
  • Women's Health & Herbs, Amanda McQuade Crawford
  • Herbal Self Massage, Deborah Maia
  • Wild Carrot Seed Study - Preliminary Presentation, Robin Bennett
  • Caring for Animals - Deb Soule

Classes Given

  • Loving Possibilities™ - Kinvention North II & III (circa 2000)
  • Loving Possibilities™ Weekend Intensive - April 2001
  • 9 Keys to Energy Management
  • Brainstorming Sessions - small group sessions limited to 5 attendees each.
  • Who is your website for?
  • Websites for Business Owners

Group Facilitation (6 life experience credits earned)

  • Bi-Request
  • NYC-Poly
  • Panel facilitator: Otherkind-Hosts breakout session - Walking the Thresholds
  • co-director National Womens In Network Orange County Day Chapter - monthly May 2007-present
  • founder & facilitator Holistic Hudson Valley
  • Brainstorming session - facilitator of large brainstorming event at the Orange County Chamber, NY


Papers & Articles Written

  • Contributor and co-founder at, including article contributions
  • Plant Lore for Woodland Survival (college paper)
  • Empowering Yourself through Potions (as Nightwind), The Urban Herbalist, June 1992
  • How to make every day a sacred day (2-part guest column at (site no longer online)

Additional Work Experience

  • New York Open Center - Volunteer Orientation April 30, 1991
  • QED Conference planning committee 2008-2010
  • Cosmic Communityfest staff 2017

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