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I believe we're all connected in spirit, that all beings have a Higher Self that is an extension of the Universal Consciousness.

God is, in my opinion, what happens when our Higher Selves or Higher Consciousnesses commingle. God is manifest in the Universal Consciousness, and manifest in all of us. Namasté: I honor the Goddess and the God within you. As an Interfaith Minister, I may act as an agent for individuals to celebrate and raise their own personal awareness of the Universal Consciousness -- whether they call it God or give It many names for every one of Its manifestations.

All objects manifest in reality are from this same Universal Consciousness and thus are made of the same essence or energy as all living things -- as in shamanism all objects have a spirit, and when you raise your consciousness you can interact even with inanimate objects -- all things are of Spirit. As a neoshamanic practitioner, I act as an appointed and trained emissary or mediator on people's behalf when dealing with the spirit world. I can find animal helpers, recover lost essence or spirit, and I can remove negative energies from your aura. Shamanic practitioners interact in the Upper World, Middle World and Lower World, which are not the same thing at all as Heaven, Purgatory & Hell. These three shamanic worlds are manifestations of the Universal Consciousness, where we are all connected. They are full of rich visualizations, subconscious interactions, avatars, Plutonic Ideals, nightmares, dreams, fantasies, longings, wishes, ideas, the spirits of the living, the dead, the yet-to-be, creatures both shadows of the real and solid manifestations of the fantastic, rocks that talk, rivers that flow up, and much more. If it can be imagined, it is in these worlds.

There is no end of Universal Consciousness thus no end of possible incarnations, objects, manifestations or healing energy. Reiki is the ability to tap into the same Universal Consciousness -- a pool of unending healing energy, and to direct the energy into people or objects without affecting the energy consciousness or free will. The choice of how to filter or influence the energy is up to the Reiki practitioner -- the choice of what actually manifests from the energy is autonomous to the practitioner of Reiki. These energies manifest are positive, autonomous, and have their own subtle freewill. In Reiki I healers are taught a series of placements of their hands on the person to be healed; this is a dogmatic practice, the energy knows where to go to do what it must do.

There are countless worlds, countless dimensions of being. Science makes us want to count them, label them, and place them into order. Reality will continue to elude science until science accepts that it is nigh impossible to count, label & order the multiverse.

As your Life Coach, I can assist you in mastering your own destiny, direct you towards continual growth and possibilities, point out what you need to strengthen or concentrate on, and inspire you to remove obstacles to manifest your best self.


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Potential clients can contact us with the form below, by phone, text, or this scheduling form to schedule a 30-minute fully confidential sample session. During this appointment we determine what you are looking for, we deliver value and show you how we work, and hopefully we both get the information we need to determine whether we would like to pursue a coach-client relationship together.

If you'd simply like to ask questions to figure out what service(s) are right for you, here's a link for a purely informational session to determine what type(s) of services would be a good fit for you.

Please feel free to call and leave a message. If you do not reach us, please keep in mind that we often work with clients by phone and please leave a message so we can get back to you. We do not work by text/SMS messages, we will not book appointments by text message (often we don't get messages or notifications, which is really frustrating, so it may be days before we see that you texted us -- plus there's just too many text/SMS scams). You may find us on Signal, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter/Xitter, etc.

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