Not Quite Here: Practical Presence & Avoiding Body-Based Triggers

An Infinite Mind Speaker Series — June 11, 2023

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Selves-Help and Skills

Coaching - Feel free to take a sample session

Coaching is another tool that someone doing selves-help can employ to help customize ideas to their specific situation, to work within a more forward-facing self-empowerment model especially when the professional climate in their area is adverse to allowing clients to be empowered consumers of information and services. When pros don't give you a choice, then it's powerful to hire a professional who by the very nature of their industry insists on you having a choice.

If you're interested in what coaching is and how it works for multiples/plurals, please read our article about the differences between Coaching vs. Therapy (Coaching vs. Therapy: Two Different Approaches to Moving Forward).

If you think coaching may be for you, use one of the "Schedule Appointment" links on the site to request a 30-minute sample coaching session. Please have an idea of an issue or two that you'd like to address during our meeting. We do not pressure people to buy coaching from us — ever. We don't discuss it during the sample session. It's a genuine sample coaching session.