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I am a Master & Teacher in Usui & Karuna Reiki through a non-traditional lineage, and I continue to foster learning and expanding the practice of Reiki in the world. My direct teachers/masters were Tyger Brightfield, Geoff Wendel (Rialian) and Barton Wendel (Eyovah). My lineage for Usui Reiki is Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr Chujiro Hayashi , Mrs. Hawayo Takata, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Carol Farmer, Leah Smith, William Lee Rand, Laura Gifford, Mark R. Brown, Tyger Brightfield, Geoff Wendel and Barton Wendel. The latter three taught me directly: Geoff Wendel performed my first Reiki I attunement, Tyger Brightfield attuned me to master-level, and Barton Wendel provided much of my tutoring in channeling and in the Master-Teacher levels. My Karuna Reiki lineage is William Lee Rand, Laura Gifford, Mark R Brown, Tyger Brightfield, Eric Kiper, Geoff Wendel and Barton Wendel. Now that that's out of the way, on to the more important stuff.

My teachers work in a non-traditional philosophy of quickly initiating people who are already energy-workers. I was attuned to all three levels of Reiki in one day by Geoff & Tyger, in late June 1998. I received all my preliminary instruction from them, and much further support and training from Geoff. I've received further training, advice, attunements, encouragement for my own exploration of Reiki, and correspondence regarding Reiki uses and symbols from Geoff's brother Barton. The text we used for initial instruction & exploration is Essential Reiki from Diane Stein. From there, we're writing our own book.

I produced a specific tool for Reiki called the Reiki Guided Attunement. I've also founded a website for the Open Source Reiki Tradition with several other practitioners. The bulk of the Reiki Symbols I've channeled are described on that website.

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Whichever piece of reality I am chewing on (work crises now; long ago hurts and griefs; future fears and hopes), Criss is right... (more) -- Anonymous One

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