Neoshamanic Practitioner

What is neoshamanism

A shamanic practitioner is a skilled intermediary who deals with the spirit world on your behalf. Pracitioners operate in several layers of "Nonordinary Reality" or the spirit worlds and leverage their skills and contacts to negotiate, heal, and act on your behalf. For one example see my article on Soul Loss.

Criss as a neoshamanic practitioner

Initiated several times by the "school of hard knocks" throughout her childhood and teen years, Criss was later formally initiated into Core Shamanism by Michael Harner, the Golden Cauldron journeys by Nicki Scully, then most recently initiated by Don Jose Quimbo in the Ecuadorian musical and rhythmic shamanic tradition of Taki Samy*.

As an natural energy worker, a survivor of trauma in childhood, and an initiated neoshaman, Criss is able to work with her clients on many levels of being, and is very open to listening to your otherworldly experiences during life coaching sessions.

Please see the Articles area for concepts of neoshamanism that may be of interest.

A note on seeking out healing work in a neoshamanic or shamanic paradigm. Whenever possible, if you have the access, means, & connections, please go out of your way to seek out assistance (with cash in hand) from indigenous practitioners (whether they are tribally trained or neoshamanic practitioners). Help prevent the exploitation of ancient tribal arts & help correct theft from & oppression of indigenous people. Your absolute last resort should be to seek out white practitioners. When seeking trusted and trained white practitioners, note that the Foundation for Shamanic Studies does give back reparations to indigenous people in case that helps you find ethical practitioners.

*Taki Samy is an arcane practice rarely taught to Westerners, from the elders of Ecuador's high Andes. Taki Samy is a key to achieving harmony and healing between the body, soul-spirit and the conscience.