Internal Communication Group Coaching (6 sessions)

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Internal Communication

11:30am-1pm EDT Sundays

Meets for 6 weeks: group ends October 25th, 2020

United Front Pilot Group Coaching Program

We will work together through 6 sessions to help you& build up your internal communication skills.

This will be an assignment-heavy coaching group where we will discuss what works, does not work, and what's getting in the way of internal communication. Bring ideas for what works or has worked for you in the past, and we'll break this important topic down and try out many exercises and see what works best for y'all now, but also increase your internal communication tools and skills so that as your communication needs or abilities change, you'll be aware of other things you can try. We'll also work on "system maps" and allowing folk to describe themselves as part of learning to listen and feel around internally. You do not need to have an inner world to create "maps". Trust us on this.

Application Process

To apply to our United Front Group Coaching programs please see United Front: Pilot Coaching Program.