Building Trust Group Coaching (6 sessions)

Friday, August 21, 2020

Building Trust

11:30am-1pm EDT Fridays

6 weeks: group ends October 2nd, 2020
Note: group skips a week September 11th, 2020.

We will work together through 6 sessions to help you build better trust in your internal community.

Based on the 6-episode podcast "System Trust Issues" series of our podcast Many Minds on the Issue (starting with episode 009: Welcome to DID: We are not your enemy), this is specifically a group coaching to work with challenged plural & DID systems who are not getting along inside. Bring a willingness for both sides to come to the table, and try (yeah we know!) to leave your attitudes at the door.

Application Process

To apply to our United Front Group Coaching programs please see United Front: Pilot Coaching Program.