Reparenting Group Coaching (6 sessions)

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


11:30am-1pm EDT Tuesdays

6 weeks: group ends September 15th, 2020

Applications Closed — if your application is in-progress please continue, otherwise we can't accept new applications at this time.

United Front Pilot Group Coaching Program

We will work together through 6 sessions to help you build up an internal reparenting-based community.

In this group, we will discuss and use techniques chosen by our plural system to build towards a safer, more loving, more caring internal community that helps your inner children heal by providing for them according to their needs. We will be working as a group to figure out what's in our way, work on ways to reliably set up our internal world to support our inner kids, and discuss everyone's stumbling blocks and help each other work through them. See also our Building a Reparenting-Focused Community conference session on YouTube, our Reparenting & Selves Reliance Podcast episode, our Kinhost wiki article on Re-parenting for more information.

Application Process

To apply to our United Front Group Coaching programs please see United Front: Pilot Coaching Program.