SuperWoman's Power Secrets

Thursday, September 30, 2010

8pm EST (5pm PST)

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SuperWoman's Power Secrets

Eliminating Overwhelm one SuperWoman at a time!

Free, 45 minutes

Every one of us is already a SuperWoman. So the question is, do we feel like one? Are we up to the challenges of life? Do we have the energy to conquer our dreams and tackle our challenges, or are we dragging our feet like someone doped our coffee with kryptonite?

How would you like to:

  • get everything under control?
  • have little to no stress in your life?
  • enjoy unlimited energy and passion?

If Kryptonite is lethal to SuperMan, Stress is lethal to SuperWomen!

Stress is a symptom of something wrong going on under the hood. We can experience stress as overwhelm, panic, worry, anxiety, nervousness, fear, and tension. At its worst, long-term stress can lead to mental meltdowns (burnout) and contribute to debilitating physical diseases. It changes our blood pressure, our digestion, our blood-sugar levels, our hormonal balance, immune system, and more.

In spiritual terms, these stressful feelings are all warning signs about how we're running our life. Somehow we’ve gotten way off-track. We’re no longer following our dreams or our life’s purpose; instead we’re bogged down under obligations and what we think we “should” be doing. Someone Up There -- be it a guardian angel, a fairy godmother, our own Higher Self, or even our own brain and glandular system -- is sending us distress signals loud and clear. We need to get quiet and listen, but today’s society is so full of chatter and noise, our expectations and next appointments are in the way, and we’re constantly multitasking. We routinely block out information and chatter, so we’re also blocking out these signals that are trying to warn us. The more we ignore them, the louder the signals get! If you wait long enough you’ve got Kryptonite, ladies!

The keys to unlocking your most precious source of energy

Join us on a free call about taking simple steps to change your energy. In this teleseminar we will learn more about how to recognize our current energy state and how to change to our most potent and rejuvenating source of personal energy.

Welcome to a transformative energy experience.

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