Sexy on Stage

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


1 hour, free webinar

Sexy on Stage

Abolish your fear of public speaking & take your presentations to the next level

Free, 1 hour webinar

What is the number 1 fear?

  • Great white sharks
  • Cold-calling
  • Illness or death
  • Speaking on stage
  • Flying
  • Hosting a radio show

Did you know that fear of public speaking held the rank of #1 fear for the last 30 years? That means more people are afraid of giving a presentation or cold-calling than are afraid of illness or even death. The funny thing is that it's our fear that causes all our public speaking problems: lack of confidence and poise, being self-conscious if we flub our lines, a voice so constricted that we can't project, "sounding nervous", and inability to breathe properly so we get even more light-headed and nervous the longer we have to speak.

What if you could change that with just one hour of free group coaching?

Would you like to:

  • be in control of what you say to people?
  • host a show, give presentations, or lead groups with people hanging on your every word?
  • feel confident when you pick up the phone to call a stranger?
  • come off as centered, friendly, calm, engaging and confident when you're being interviewed for a job, auditioning for a part, or a guest on a radio program?

There's such an easy solution, but no one is teaching it

I base my information on the 1937 classic book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I've found that this method helps people:

  • Become more magnetic
  • Relax while presenting
  • Increase their perceived passion and enthusiasm
  • Naturally improve body language and expressions
  • Carry out a warm and welcoming handshake
  • Have a more charming voice
  • More likely to "move" or influence the audience

In fact, if you master this "Sexy on Stage" method you can't be nervous. Fear is banished when you master this simple method.

Join us!

Don't let fear keep you from being everything you could be any longer. Tap into your "sexy" so that you look, sound and feel confident and assured while you're presenting, whether to one person, to a camera, or to a huge audience. Take your presentation skills to the next level.

Join us on a free webinar about taking simple -- and sexy -- steps to help with sales and any situation where you need to speak to an audience.

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Content and methodology may not be appropriate for people who have suffered sexual trauma. Please contact Rev. Criss if you have any questions about how appropriate this content would be for you.