Brainstorming Session - 9am EST - Middletown

Friday, July 2, 2010

9am - 11am EST
Middletown, NY
Pre-pay required
[Please note that this location is NOT wheelchair-accessible. If you require a wheelchair accessible location for a Brainstorming session, please contact Criss.]

Brainstorming Session - 9am EST - Middletown

Imagine joining minds with a creative powerhouse whose only focus is you. You state your problem, unload your obstacle, and a group of peers helps you come up with new and fresh ideas, ask questions to reveal hidden gems, and unleash the synergistic power of the group mind to help you go to the next level. Then you unlock your creative and helping faculties for the next person. That's the power of brainstorming.

Cultivate your future with these forward-thinking strategy & planning sessions for your business.

Have you been to so many classes you don't really know what to do anymore? Sometimes we get overwhelmed with ideas, or seek out ideas without ever taking action. If you have a pile of workshop and seminar notes but you haven't been doing anything with them, this is the perfect spot for you.

The group is small so we can work on a plan that is specific to your business needs right now. Come to a session with a question about what you need, leave with an action plan for things to do to address your issues. If you can't identify what you need, we can help with that too.o

Private facilitated brainstorming sessions. 2-hour strategic sessions with a small group of peers. Attend one session, or a block of sessions at a discount. Offered first Fridays of the month from 9am-11am in Middletown, NY.

Some sample session goals could be:

  • enhancing your marketing
  • low-cost strategies for increasing business
  • new offerings to meet current market needs
  • plans & processes to help your business grow

(the goals actually covered depend on attendees' current needs)

You may bring food, drinks or snacks (I recommend water at minimum), on a carry-in carry-out basis (you must clean up after yourself).


The fee for a single 2 hour session is $45. Book 4 sessions now and get a 5th session for free ($180 for 5 sessions).

Since space is limited and I need to fill sessions, when you pay for a block of sessions please RSVP for individual sessions to reserve your space otherwise it will be assumed that you cannot make it to that session. Reschedules are available with 24 hour notice, no walk-ins.

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