Giving Your All without giving it all away

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

7pm - 8pm EST

Giving Your All
(without giving it all away)

Simple solutions to being Overwhelmed

Free 1-hour introduction to Take Your Consciousness Higher™

Can you:

  • Wash the dishes
  • While on this call
  • And putting your 3 kids to bed
  • While getting ready for a meeting first thing tomorrow morning?

It's no wonder that SuperWoman might be feeling a little overwhelmed, right?

How can we do so much, in so little time, without stress?

In this free 1 hour teleseminar, I will give you the 3 most basic steps to start eliminating overwhelm from your life!

It takes very simple steps to change your thoughts and intentions and thus change your energy. We are taught in Yoga, Tai Chi, and other meditative practices how to change from panic energy to peaceful energy, but the information in this program will make it clear why these practices, and the tips I will give you on quickly engaging peaceful energy, are so important to your peace of mind, physical health and longevity.

Many of us run our lives with panic energy, which we experience as stress, feeling overwhelmed, and bone-deep exhaustion. In this teleseminar we will learn more about how to recognize this energy state, when we really need it, and how to get out of it when we're better served by another type of energy.

We will also discuss the third type of energy -- passion. I will discuss how to cultivate passionate energy for your projects and your life so that you have the wellspring of vitality to get through your day, but unlike when you are using panic energy you will be able to restore a clearer vision for the future and build up your health and vitality.

So, SuperWomen of the world -- come join other women in this transformative experience where we'll learn how to change Panic into Peace & Passion.

1 hour, free.

Eliminating Overwhelm One SuperWoman at a Time