From Exhausted to Elated

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

4:30pm-5:30pm EST

From Exhausted to Elated

Free one-hour introduction to Take Your Consciousness Higher™

This seminar covers what should be in the personal energy management section of everyone's "owners' manual" to being human. The energy we use affects much more than you think! Wouldn't it be nice if we understand this vital information before we tackle the real world -- rather than fumbling around and making mistakes that could easily be avoided?

On this call, we discuss the three types of energy we have at our disposal, and how using these different sources of energy affects so many areas of our life -- from whether we can get the perfect partner, whether we burn out at our job, how susceptible to illness we are, whether we get the new client, whether we land a job, and whether we can achieve our dreams.

Come discover how simple changes in how you think can affect what type of energy you are using, how attractive you are, your cravings and addictions, your mood, and your overall health. This indispensable one-hour introductory class will give you ideas on how to make simple changes that can profoundly affect your life and your results.

Join me on this FREE teleseminar for ideas and exercises based on the book Take Your Consciousness Higher™: Rekindling energy for your burning desires. This seminar is based on the 9-step SURRENDER™ system for understanding and shifting your personal energy use. To experience this topic in an intensive ongoing format, please see my 10-week "Take Your Consciousness Higher™: Experience Unlimited Energy" workshop series.

1 hour, free.