Friday, November 5, 2010

11:30am - 1:30pm EST
Middletown, NY
Pre-pay required
[Please note that this location is NOT wheelchair-accessible.]

Group Shamanic Counseling

Coached shamanic journeying to find your own helpers, guides and wisdom.

Some benefits of shamanic journeying

  • Open up a new dimension of your spirituality
  • Regain core spiritual stability
  • Get direct access to spiritual wisdom
  • Empower yourself to find solutions

Shamanic counseling, or shamanic coaching, is an art where an experienced shamanic practitioner guides you on experiencing your own shamanic journeys and serves as a witness and a coach to help the client interpret the symbols and lessons that are experienced during the journey. This is self-empowerment at its best: you gain direct access to spirit helpers and teachers, so you do not have to rely on outside experts to give you wisdom, ideas, or interpret spiritual messages for you.

Each participant will go on their own separate 15-minute journey. You need to arrive on-time for information and instruction on how to perform the journey and guidelines for what to expect. Participants will be sharing their shamanic experience with the group while they are in the journey, if you would rather have a private session, please

Contents of other's journeys are their own, and it is a sacred privilege to witness another's spiritual experience, know their power animals or the identity of their helpers. Strict confidentiality is expected to honor the sacred nature of this work. We will not be interpreting each others' symbols, only asking questions of one another to reveal the journeyer's personal meaning for the symbols. The spirits give us each the experience that we need.

Supplies to bring:

  • 1-2 small "lap blankets" (or 1 blanket and a light jacket)
  • standard headphones (2.5mm jack)
  • notebook or journal specifically for journeys
  • blindfold (optional, but recommended because the room tends to be bright)
  • water for drinking

Session structure:

  • Group instruction and Q&A about journeying (about 30 minutes)
  • bathroom break & journey preparation
  • each participant does their first journey (10-15 minutes each) and speaks what they experience - each journey is recorded
    • after each participant returns, they journal their experience while the next participant journeys.
  • coaching on how to interpret symbolism (about 30 minutes)
  • session ends
  • post-session follow up: each participant is given an MP3 download link to their own recorded journey to re-listen. Additional questions will be answered in email, subsequent sessions, or in private 1:1 sessions.

You may bring light snacks (I recommend water at minimum), on a carry-in carry-out basis (you must clean up after yourself, including waste).


The fee for a single 2 hour session is $99. Purchase 3 sessions now and get a 4th session for free ($270 for 4 sessions).

Since space is limited, when you pay for a block of sessions please RSVP for individual sessions to reserve your space otherwise it will be assumed that you cannot make it to that session. Reschedules are available with 24 hour notice, no walk-ins please.

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