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Introduction to SURRENDER™

When we are experiencing core energy loss, we are experiencing part of the stress-filled process that can eventually lead to burnout. This process is a signal from our higher self that we're off-course in some way. By surrendering to the signals, we get back on-track.

Here are the 9 steps and an invitation to get some tips from the SURRENDER™ system. When you SURRENDER™ to Passion, you eliminate the barriers to following your burning desire.

  1. Stop. Pay attention to your needs: is your current self-care routine enough? Relax, rejuvenate, slow down.
  2. Unconditional Acceptance. Like unconditional love -- accept what is, what is to come, accept yourself, your challenges, and realize your work is always appreciated.
  3. Reclaim Your Time. Life is measured in minutes and hours that are yours alone to dispense. Here we take time to adjust our habits, set limits, and accept only projects with meaning.
  4. Release Pressure & Obligations. Let's work on guilt and the feelings of responsibility. Let go of projects that are crowding out your dreams and draining your energy.
  5. Evaluate. Time to check-in with your life's purpose, and make sure your activities are promoting your dreams.
  6. Needs and Wants. Commit to routine self-care and healthy habits. Personalize your work and home environment. Do things you want to do. Re-frame "needs" as "wants" whenever possible.
  7. Deep Gratitude and Blessings. Here we start to tap into the spiritual side of our nature -- no belief in a Deity needed. We're engaging different bodily chemicals that tap us into a completely different energy level.
  8. Energize. Now to cultivate our great burning desires. We expand our capacity for directed energy and harness passion.
  9. Rewards. To tie everything up neatly and make sure that we don't get buried in tedium, guilt, feelings of being unappreciated, we create a system to celebrate achieving your goals.

This overview of the 9 steps is revealing only the tip of the iceberg. Each of these topics could be a 2-3 hour intensive workshop, with exercises, deeper explanations of what's going on mentally, biologically, emotionally and spiritually.

You can get a taste of the SURRENDER™ to Passion stress-relief system right now:
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