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With everything there is to do owning your own business it helps to take some time to step back and look at it all with a big... (more) --Anthony Church, HP Web Solutions, now Blue Buckle Marketing, Highland Mills, NY

It has never failed to be an extremely productive, innovative and mind-blowing experience for me to have a... (more) --Sheila Pearl, MSW, Life Coach, Newburgh, NY

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SuperWoman's Power Secrets party

This is a special group-coaching session, an interactive expansion of my free teleseminars with the same name.

Are you tired of having friends over for yet-another-product-party, but love to have a girl bash with a theme? Want to try something very different for a change?

Try out a personal transformation party! You and your friends (or co-workers) will share a life-transforming experience and walk out with much more than a bag of door prizes and a credit card bill you'll regret later. These parties can be in-person in my local area OR it can be done by conference call or webinar if you're out of the area.

This is much better than coming down from a hard week at work with yet another club-hopping night of mixed drinks and feeling lousy the next day. You'll make changes to your life, open doors to new opportunities, learn how to better handle your energy while at work, and be able to make more thoughtful healthy choices -- best of all you'll share it with your best friends so that you can support each other in making better choices in the future.

About the session

2-3 hours (your choice) available locally in-person as a home party, a corporate lunch & learn, or as a conference call group-coaching session.


Every one of us is already a SuperWoman. So the question is, do we feel like one? Are we up to the challenges of life? Do we have the energy to conquer our dreams and tackle our challenges, or are we dragging our feet like someone doped our coffee with kryptonite?

How would you like to:

  • get everything under control?
  • have little to no stress in your life?
  • enjoy unlimited energy and passion?

Come learn something new with your friends so that you can all take life to the next level together.

Hostess Special

20% off per paying attendee, minimum of 4 attendees total. So if you get 3 of your friends to attend, you get 60% off your attendance fee. For a party of more than 10 attendees, a discount for all attendees can be arranged.

Interested? Contact us for more information.

If you are interested in our SuperWoman's Power Secrets party, please contact Rev. Criss below:



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