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I think your workshop was deceptively good........I mean, its value is only partially obvious up front, but upon contemplation... (more) --Pat Weinert, Weinert T-Shirts, Middletown, NY

Today was great. Thank you so much! You clarified my thinking a great deal and helped me to figure how to... (more) --JoAnne Bell, Crafty Bell, Middletown, NY

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Group Shamanic Counseling

This is a program where 2-5 people are instructed on how to undertake a shamanic journey. After instructions and a Q&A session, each participant takes a 10-15 minute journey individually while the others act as witness and everyone learns how to help the journeyer to clarify the symbols of their own journey.

These sessions can be scheduled and held at your space providing that the group will not be interrupted during their journeying sessions, and there are plenty of comfortable places to either lay on the floor or sit in very comfortable, preferably reclining chairs or couches.

Up to 3 participants requires a 2 hour session, up to 5 participants requires a 3 hour session. Prices vary according to travel, set-up time, and number of participants.

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