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Now that I am preparing and gathering information for our [consultation] meeting, it is FINALLY beginning to... (more) --Brenda Hall, Scholarships and College Planning, Inc., Middletown, NY

I am so grateful to you for the brainstorming session. It helped me to focus... (more) --Sharon Donaldson, I Baked, Washingtonville, NY

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Group Assessments

A life assessment is a very important tool for life coaching, and I can give group life assessments to help defray the cost of this intensive session. My life assesment tool is the 360-degree Life Assessment™, which is a unique 36-point scale for finding areas of your life that are lacking and creating new goals, dreams, ideals and visions for what will improve your life. This assessment tool was developed by Liberated Life Coaching, and very few other coaches are licensed to use the tool.

If you feel stuck, unfulfilled, confused, overwhelmed, dissatisfied, frustrated or worried, this is a terrific group exercise that will help you pinpoint areas of your life in need of attention, and areas of your life that are doing great.

In the group environment, attendees are expected to share some of the information in their assessments, so some level of group trust or anonymity is necessary. This can be given in-person to groups of friends, life partners, employees, or others -- or it can be done as a webinar affording some level of anonymity to the attendees and thus increasing the comfort level for sharing.

Available in-person as a lunch & learn, or as a webinar group-coaching session. This is best done as a 3 hour session for a group event.

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If you sign up 4+ attendees, you get 20% off of your fee for the session. If you sign up 10+ people for the session, the attendees also get a discount and you get a special bonus.

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