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I think your workshop was deceptively good........I mean, its value is only partially obvious up front, but upon contemplation... (more) --Pat Weinert, Weinert T-Shirts, Middletown, NY

Now that I am preparing and gathering information for our [consultation] meeting, it is FINALLY beginning to... (more) --Brenda Hall, Scholarships and College Planning, Inc., Middletown, NY

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Articles by Rev. Criss

  • How to make Valentine's a sacred day (Guest column at SoulsCode.com)
    Part 1: 3 steps to get out of Valentine's Day "panic mode".
  • Compound Distress: Don't let Bride of Burnout sneak up on you
    Do you think you're immune to burnout, especially because you've been through it before or because you're a holistic practitioner? Burnout symptoms are sneaky.
  • Criss' Life Philosophy
    Rev. Criss' philosophy on how Reiki, Interfaith, Shamanism, and Life Coaching intermingle.
  • Group Facilitation (life experience rationale)
    Article is based on my 2005 submission for Group Facilitation credit-by-experience at SUNY Empire State College. Although I requested 4 upper-level credits, my essay & experience earned me 6 upper-level credits towards my degree.
  • HHS-Excerpt
    This excerpt is from the larger work-in-progress on the SURRENDER™ system. This is a technical manual that describes the system for practitioners, and has extensive examples of exercises that go with each part of the system.
  • Introduction to SURRENDER™
    The SURRENDER™ 9-step system transforms the signals of stress back into a burning desire. This is the core of the SURRENDER™ to Passion curriculum.
  • Musings on Energy Management
    Learn more about the 3 Treasures of energy in Daoist philosophy and how they tie in to SURRENDER™ to Passion workshops and seminars.
  • Nevermind SMART - Ask whether your goals are SACRED!
    SMART may work for some people, but setting SACRED goals acknowledges the human aspects of motivation and personal energy.
  • Shamanic Concepts: Soul Loss
    Article describing the concept of soul loss and the healing power of Soul Retrieval.
  • The Spiritual Transformation of Energy Loss (1.5MB pdf)
    This print article from December 2009 specifically addresses energy loss as a spiritual issue.
  • Burnout Solutions (guest blog at Jim Sutton's website)
    Advice on rekindling passion and personal health for a 20-year recruiter in the middle of the 2009 employment crisis (much of which can be applied to anyone in a career crisis).

eZine Articles by Rev. Criss

  • Business Brainstorming For Holistic Practitioners
    Something magical happens when the right people work on the same problem together. At times we face big opportunities and would like help making decisions that have an impact on our lives or the lives of others. At other times, we may be so caught up in a situation that we don't see that a change in what we're doing will get different results.

  • Stop Panicking! Stress Relief's Missing Link to Relaxation
    The most common suggestion to relax and de-stress is to take a vacation. How many people return after a vacation feeling like they never left? Here is practical advice on how and why to Stop! in order to relax. This portable, inexpensive, and easy technique will help you get out of panic mode and back in control of your mind and body.

  • To Stress is Human - Energy is the Key
    Stress is so common we've almost come to take it for granted in spite of warnings about how dangerous it is. However, stress is just a symptom of a deeper problem. We experience stress when we are using the wrong type of personal energy for a given situation. It is important to learn techniques for how to shift between three types of energy to fit the situation so that you are always using the energy most suited to your activities.

  • Healer See Thyself - Benefits of Coaching For Holistic Practitioners
    Partnering with a coach is a transformative experience that allows us to see around our inner obstacles and create a future where we live out dreams, walk our talk, and take action to manifest our best future. While it's possible to choose a separate life and business coach, for holistic practitioners have challenges that are different from most small business owners, so a hybrid life and business coach are aware of those specific needs and challenges is a wise choice.